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One Variety of Change

Picture this.

You hold a top in your hands.

Now, you may not be from a generation that understands what a “top” is, but for the purpose of this excercise let’s just say that it is a spinning “toy”.

Now, there are many varieties, but the one you hold is based on technological advances, or changes in design, that are across millenia.

It is heavy.  Its mass is concentrated.  You just know it will spin for ever.

The pull string is long and wound around its length, and at its tip is a sharpened point that looks to be made of some high-tech material that you are sure is titanium or depleted uranium or some other exotic material with properties designed to keep this top spinning.

You pull the string and you let the top go across the hard, flat surface of the floor.


The top has gone from an idle mass to a powerful force of spinning fury.

It is smooth; ghost-like.  It “wafts” across the floor, and there is this sound…”zzzzzzzzzzz” – smooth as a sewing machine at full tilt.

Speaking of tilt, it may lean a little, but then it rights itself.

Probably has to do with the earth’s rotation, or the surface of the floor (or a combination – atmospheric conditions such as breeze and thermal lift may affect it too).

It is a system within a system.  A top speed, it simply is a thing of beauty.

From an idle mass in your hand, it is transformed…changed, to a lithe ballet in pierrot across the floor.

You introduced force into this idle mass when you pulled its string.  You set it in spinning motion, but now it seems to glide of its own accord.

But wait !

Its energy seems to dissipate.  It is slowing down.

You notice a slight wobble.

Signs of a death lurch begin.

It tumbles, it scoots and the smooth sounds become stachatto.

It bounces across the floor and eventually its fattened sides catch on the floor’s surface and it begins to rip and tear across infinity.

What was once a thing of beauty becomes a vile death thro, a system undone, a violent outburst from what was once a ballerina.

It rips across the floor and spins on its side tearing everything up in its path.

Again, change.

Violent, sudden and massive…change.

In the course of mere moments the object went from an inanimate mass, to a spinning thing of beauty, and then, to a wreckless monster.

It is a complex system, when broken down to its components.

Complicate this by considering three such tops operating in the cone of a rocket headed for mars.  They spin to keep the missile on course, and to prevent its careening through space like the top as it looses its energy.

It becomes vital that change be kept to a minimal…that it be guarded closely, and that energy is applied to keep it in “stasis” so that things do not evolve into catastrophe.

NASA is able to navigate the infinite recess of space by ensuring that radical changes do not take place, and further, by having contingency plans for when they do.

As we all know from the space shuttle disasters, sometimes even that is not enough.

But considering, their track record is pretty good.   They apply sound principles to maintain this level of “stasis” (think of it as harmony, like the spinning top when at its glory of mass, direction, velocity and attitude).

The principles work, most of the time.

If you have seen the movie “Apollo 13” you will remember the scene where the ship begins to careen like the spinning top and one of the crewmen applies “jets” of energy released through the mini-rockets to regain a smooth flight.  He forces energy into the system to “right” the ship and get it back on a controlled trajectory.

If you are still with me, you are probably wondering what this all has to do with politics and our current situation.


Think about it.

Our economy is looking like that top that has lost its path.  It is careening, because someone is applying pressure at the wrong points.

The crew of Apollo 13 applied force to the system with the rocket bursts to bring the missile back into a proper flight path to once again “dock” with planet earth.

They did not apply the force hap-hazard and try and plunge this spinning top of a space-craft into even greater tumult.  The objective was not to force the ship to become like the top that is loosing its energy, but rather like a bullet spinning on a straight path and headed directly for its objective – spaceship earth.

The question for our economy then becomes, what is the ulitmate destination?

We know that under conservative directives and principles, we maintain a steady path that is concentrated in capital.

The introduction of socialism into our system has forced it into a wobble that needs the introduction of a series of “jets” of capital in order to correct it.

Our nation’s economy is just like the complex system within the space capsule.  It is kept on course using three spinning tops, or “gyros” to keep it on path.  Combine this with the retro-rockets (normally computer-controlled) and the tiny flea fleck makes its way home, safe and sound.

Oh there are complex forces working on it, with massive bodies pulling it here, and asteroids tugging it there; but there are counter-balances that keep it on course.  Add the ship’s captains to this and it becomes and even more stable system.

One needs only to look at a system whereby change is controlled, versus a system that is out-of-control to understand what has happened to our great nation in the past few months.

We simply need to re-think how the controls are being applied (and, perhaps, give the captain of the ship a wake-up call).

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