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Digging up Bones

What can we make of recent history.

It may be that in the future all that we have left will be recent history. Who will remember anything more than the last thing a politician said.

Consider the last 50 days, and then project them into the future.  What do you make of that?

To quote the air traffic controller in “Airplane!”, he could make “a hat, or a broach”.

John Lennon, and the Beatles would make, I suppose, jeu jeu eyballs and marmalade skies (what drugs were they using? Maybe if we pushed some on team Obama it would have the opposing effect on the path now travailed).

Al Gore would probably “invent” some new form of telepathic internet, or find some way to blow cuban-cigar smoke signal, “I love you, my little love-story-girl”, smoke-ring cyphers through the microphone on his laptop computer to his beloved “Tipper”.

What the hell kind of name is “Tipper” anyway?

Here is a quasi-fictional timeline for Team Obama:

(To Be Revised)

If after all the other comparisons (a “savior” figure, Lincoln (the “gay” Republican – gotta keep those “special” interests happy), F.D.R.,  Truman,  Herbert Hoover) and now some Senator has compared him to Samuel L. Gompers.

I’m beginning to think he is the man without a face.  “Mr. Cellophane”, or one of those morphing creatures from the comic books.

Samuel L. Gompers, for those of you who do not know, was once a cigar roller.  He must have been pretty good at it as they made him their craft-union President.

He was later credited with starting the A.F.L. (the first part of the later-formed “AFL-CIO” or American Federation of Labor – Congress of Industrial Organizations).  Now the time-frame for Gompers was the late 1800’s.

It is important to put this in the context of history. The Industrial Workers of the World (IWW or “Wobblies”) formed around 1905 in Chicago (of all places) when anarchists, socialists and radical trade unionists came together to form a united, militant front.

One could consider the similarities here all too uncanny (reference Bill Ayers and the radical underground movement “The Weathermen) not to mention the stomping grounds of our one and only, Barrack Obama.

To put even greater bearing on these historic events, consider that the Bolshevik, or “October” revolution in Russia took place in the year 1917.

It is ironic that socialism’s “birthing pangs” took place in Chicago, and now we are faced with a President who wishes to socialize the entire nation and hailing from where else?  Chicago, Chicago (my kinda town?).

I wonder if it was an unfortunate mistake that the Congressman compares Obama’s policies to Gompers, or whether this is somehow a planned thing.

I hate conspiracy theory.  How about we call this “one’s conjecture” on just what “the other side” may be up to?  I like that better than making another gaffe like Hillary with a “vast left-wing” conspiracy coming from our side of the fence.

This is more putting your finger on their pulse to find signs of life, or better, hooking up an Electro-Encephalograph to their brains to see if the evidence we see of no activity on the outside can be corroborated by a lack of brain activity on the other side of the thick skull.

So, back to Gompers.  He defines the liberal use of union bargaining with management.  He coined the concept of always asking for “more, more, more!!!”.  He would have an idea in mind of the level of extra pay that the union desired, and he would bargain for a hundred times that.

It is a sly maneuver, and seems typical of so many making headlines today.

It is a form of “obfuscation” or masking of reality.

Consider the minds of Al Gore, Bill Clinton (I did not have…), Hillary (when she was in that hot landing zone) – but go outside our borders and look at other news-making figures.

Saddam Hussein claimed to have WMD’s (we had reason to believe he did, and I still think they were there – I SAW the fighter jet (in a news story) that was dug up in the deserts of Syria).  After his capture and subsequent interrogation, he revealed that it was a “feint” to throw off the enemy Syria (and later the WMD’s wind up there – “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”).

Now you have this North Korean, Kim Jung Il, rattling his sabres about the “satellites” he is putting into orbit.

Well, technically, a nuclear missile is a satellite (briefly, anyway).  It may only go through half an orbit, but it does follow an orbit if only for about 20 minutes, or so.

With all this obfuscation, how does one ever derive the truth?

You’ve heard it before from some of your best friends “ahhh, they are all crooks anyway”.

Now, here’s the sign of Armageddon (seriously) – the lies becoming the truth.

Who do we follow?  What line of thinking is the correct path?

This is why faith is so very important.

If you over-lay a scientist’s logic with faith, I believe you will find a pretty good statistical fit.

Scientists operate on assumptions.  The religious operate on faith.

Scientists look for clues in data and what is left behind after an event (like the collision of two particles) and the religious look for the signs that fulfil past prophesy.

I’ve never been a fan of too much mixing of the two, but still…there seems an eerie parallel between them (perhaps because both involve human beings?).

I suppose the same could be applied to history.  History operates on what is left behind.

Writings, musings, photos, paintings, novels, newspapers and government archives.

One could take all the facts, put them together and draw a conclusion, but there is still that element of uncertainty.

Now I think everyone who is faithful would argue that there is no uncertainty in faith, so we stop the comparisons there.

When we look at the truths that are put forth today, how many of them actually follow sound reasoning?

It is my opinion that very few do.  But the fact is, some might.

So we were off by a few years in our prediction of the fall of the Soviets.  Do we really want to gamble that the Israeli’s are off in their assessment of a nuclear Iran?

And what about Kim Jung Il?  Shall we continue to hold our breath and assume he really is just putting up benign satellites (hardy, har, har)?

Perhaps it is time we step back from those bargaining for “more, more, more” and look at past performance.

What has this concept of bargaining gotten Mr. Gomper’s unions today?

Look at the U.S. automotive industry.

They are in shambles.  Their wages have priced them right out of the world market-place (and to hear Team Obama describe it, the world has already adopted socialism, and it is the path we should also follow).


Two years ago I was hearing about how the world was in a state of economic depression already.

Could socialism have anything to do with that?

Everyone is trying to point fingers and assign blame.  Congressmen are ganging up on Bernanke,  Obama wants to blame Bush, and the world all has its eye on USB in Switzerland.

It does not take a genius to look at the facts of what socialist, collectivist mentality has brought the world.

It has brought the world to its knees.

Let’s pray an alternate path springs forth, and soon!

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