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On Populism and Polls

Again I watch C-SPAN today and bear witness to the Senators who are going to “fix” our health care system.

They talk of everyone pitching in (bucking up, to quote the President) and how they will divvy up the health care in the system.

One fellow spoke about his district, and how conservative it is.  He quotes that sixty percent in his district are for government-controlled health care.

Let me just take a stab at the line of questioning he used to arrive at this figure of 60% socialists in his “conservative” district.

I’ll bet the questions look like these:

1. Would you be for, or against, our Congress voting to give every American a brand new Cadillac?

2. Would you be for, or against, our Congress voting to pay off everybody’s home mortgages?

3. Would you be for, or against, our Congress voting to give free health care to everyone?

Well, I don’t know about you, but this conservative understands that every penny he talking about spending comes out of your pocket, and out of my own.

This conservative does not want a so-called “free” car.  I know it is not free.  I’ve had to work for every penny that the government has been so kind to take from my paycheck each month to cover the expenses of all this free stuff.

Just how conservative do you want us to believe your district really is?

Would conservatives vote for abandonment of a free-market system in favor of his brand of wanton socialism?

Who exactly are the people who will have to “buck up” – and who are the people who are now going to get the “free” health care?

There were some good ideas discussed in the forum, but there were also some lousy ones.

Collectivism is not the answer here.  Who is going to play God?  Obama?  The Demonrattic Congress?  This fellows “conservative” constituents?

Yet again we see a populist politician citing polls.  We need to think about the questions he’s asking, and further, the conclusions he derives.

Kinda like global warming.  Think about it.

People, more and more, jump to conclusions based on surface data and bias.

They build what they want to build into the results of their studies and polls.

They essentially stack the deck.

We cannot afford a loaded deck when it comes to our nation’s health.

Some ideas such as streamlining drug approvals (they said we pay three times the world average for Lipitor) or analyzing what are “best” practices to be used in treatments may be fine (if, again, based on a “consensus” of data and of medical professionals).

To rush off and vote in Congress based on these “conservatives” from this guys district – man alive!  What an error that would be.

Unless I suppose you are the lucky recipient of an Oprah Winfrey bonafied special brand spankin’ new Cadillac (if, that is, GM survives the socialist scourge); then you may be all for it.

Take it one step past the Cadillac and ask yourself if you want your kidneys, liver or heart riding on this spinning roulette wheel that Congress is so gracious to set up for us.


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