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A Bowl of Steamed Diversity

So I catch this morning news program (full of liberal hippies, naturally) and they are talking about this one-armed lady in England who is hosting a children’s program.

Parents there, it seems, are steamed about the fact that this woman “scares their children”.

What have their children been taught?

****Flippancy WARNING****

Look, if I have to choose between fighting a one-armed man, and a six-armed man, I’m probably going to have a healthy dose of respect (some call it fear) of the six-armed man.

Now people wrote in to the show questioning parenting skills of people who can not explain the lady’s condition to their own children.

What really steamed me on this was one of the commentators (hippies) on the show.

She sais this is an excellent opportunity to teach your children about “diversity”.



How about teaching them about the human condition.

Teach them about disease.

Teach them about birth defects.

Teach them that perfection is not necessarily measured by the number of your appendages.

Would a two-headed turtle be considered more perfect than one with a singular dome?

This is not about diversity.  I’m sick and tired of hearing about diversity.  If anything, the morning show is an opportunity to teach your children about the “diversity” crowd.

They always scream the same thing, and then you just know they walk away with their head’s heald high as if somehow they have won a battle for some one-armed person out there who considers themselves to be a part of this diversity set.

Look, I used to work with a man who had no arms (well, he did when I first began working with him).

He drove an eighteen-wheeler and I worked the loading docks.  He would often help me unload the truck.

Now after he lost his arms in a farming accident, he still drove the truck, and he still helped me.  Granted, he could not move heavy items like he once could, but he still hung in there and helped.

He was one of us.

There was no diversity.  Without arms, he was still one of us.

Welcome to the human race, Mr. and Mrs. “Diversity”.

Guess what?

Your not “special”.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but you are one of “us” too (well, sort of).

You separate yourself from the herd.  You try and distinguish yourself as different (there have to be differences to achieve diversity, right?).

Well you are not that different.

You are just another human being.  So get over yourselves.

Kinda like my buddy who used to help me on the loading docks.  He looses both arms in a flash, and after healing up, he picks right back up where he was before as if not even loosing a step.

No special attention, no favors.

He fit right in because he did not expect anything from the world.

He was a member of the community because he made himself that way.

Perhaps it is time the “diversity” set takes a cue from my buddy.

Pick up a shovel and join the rest of we working folk.

Stop worrying about diversity and what your kids think. They will figure it out in time – all it will take is meeting someone like my pals who may not be “exactly” like them physically, but definitely have ten times the heart of someone more worried about what people think.

My pal did not pay any attention to the fact that he had no arms.  He just picked up where he left off and kept working.

Maybe it is time the “diverse” crowd do the same.

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