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Whatever Happened to Randolph Scott?

I know for certain that if you are not old enough to remember this country-western song, you are defininitely not old enough to remember Randolph Scott.

My Father would remember him, but he was before my time; just as the country-western song may be before your’s.

Here is a time that I KNOW is not behind any of us.

The time when Vice President Biden said that Obama would DEFINITELY meet an international challenge within weeks of taking the Presidency.

He also intimated that it would be a “manufactured” crisis.

I don’t know about you, but I thought he was talking about a crisis like 9/11 – one related to global terror.  It did not happen (thankfully – yet, anyway).

Remember that?

How could you forget.

During this time of terror, it is real responsible to make such claims.  But what happened?

Let me fill you in.

Eight years of George Bush happened, that’s what.

Whatever this “sure-thing” that Biden had in mind was obviously not the result of any high level briefing on terror.  Its “manufacture” was not by the mind of Bin Laden.

Who among us was not worried at such an assertion at the time?

Well, it is as preposterous as global warming.

These guys just simply make things up as they go along. Or do they?

What is it going to take for America to realize that there IS a primrose path, and they ARE being led down it?

What worries me more than anything else is that REAL terrorist threats are out there.  Who is manning the ship?

The same guy who guaranteed us something would happen once “O” took the reigns?

Well, something did happen alright.

There was a beheading last week.  He was a Pole (from Poland).  My condolences to his family.

Oh, and by the way, an American was taken hostage (what has become of that news story?). If you guessed it was in Iraq, you would be wrong.  It was in Pakistan.

Pakistan.  That place the stupendous “O” was going to “march across” as part of his campaign promises (remember that?).

Well, do you remember that it is all-too-suspicious that Joe Biden would predict an international crisis that was “manufactured” ?  Maybe manufactured by the likes of ACORN and a Congress that leaned on banks like a Mafia captain leans on the busted knee cap of a fella caught up in the family’s loan shark operation.

It is funny to me that people can not remember what has happened to the best of America (for whatever happened to Randolph Scott, has happened to the best of her).

They can’t remember the history of the socialist Gulags, they can’t remember the Presidents who led them through times of prosperity they can’t remember the history of Chicago politics and politicians and they can’t even remember what was said in a campaign that took place within the last six months.

But by Thor’s Hammer ask them to forget about applying their concept of human rights to a bunch of cut-throat terrorists in GITMO and you’d think their brains were firing on each and every synapse.

The truth is, they remember what is convenient to their own purpose and cause. They put this purpose and cause even above America herself.

Well, I’m guilty as well.  I have a memory of convenience.  I remember that it is convenient that we have NOT been attacked.  I am able to conveniently live my life and go about my business (so far as Liberal regulations will allow it).

I remember a time when prosperity reigned supreme under Republican values and leadership.

I remember a time when the entirety of the country had not been turned into an intellectual gulag.  A time before gags were placed on our thoughts and on our speech.

My memories are convenient because George Bush (and many other Republicans)  made it that way.

It is not a memory that is convenient to my own cause, but rather, a memory of a safe and prosperous America created by policies that allowed for an atmosphere where convenience in every-day life would be taken for granted.

I for one will not conveniently forget (or even worse, misconstrue) the facts.

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