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The Attitude of Poo

“Oh Bother.”; “No big deal.”; “Big Whoop!”; “Talk to the hand.”; “It’s casual.”; “We’re copacetic, man.”; “Ever-thang is ever-thang.”; “Groovin”; “Oh, why bother.”

The phrases are usually preceded by a heavy sigh.

Maybe Alfred E. Neuman said it best, huh?  “What, me worry?”.

This casual “why make such a big deal out of things” attitude seems pervasive today.

Take the Democrat’s attitude that “we won, you lost, get used to it”.

They obviously never had any lessons in sportsmanlike conduct, but then I never have accused them of playing by any rules.  From the recent headlines of their ranks, it appears they have a blatant disregard for rules anyway.

And why not?

Rules are such a bother.

“Don’t be so heavy man.  Why you always gotta be so heavy.  Take another toke, and lighten up man.”


You spend 800 billion dollars of my money and you tell me to “take a load off” ?

You have effectively saddled me and my progeny with an eternal sentence at hard labor.  That’s what it will apparently take to pay this debt you have so casually placed on our backs.

I guess I should expect nothing more from the “it’s casual” crowd.

Lay back and take another one of your “tokes”, potheads.  Be sure and let us know if we can soften your pillow or get you some munchies to go along with your trillion dollar bong hit.

Are you resting comfortably, Mr. “Casual” man?

Next stop: Paranoia City.  All aboard !

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