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This is How They Run

When asked recently about how she feels about partisan politics and the fact that no Republicans supported the bailout (no REAL Republicans), Madam Pelosi’s answer was flippant.  She basically said “look, the elections were a mandate”.  Well, it looks like the world was listening.


It is a real example of just how low the Democrats have sunk.  They are now in league with dictators from all around the world.

Where’s the mandate for that?

In blatant disregard for his real impact on American history (and much can, and is, being argued on the point), they blithely compare themselves to Abraham Lincoln.

I know of no one in Lincoln’s day who would have picked up on his policies and moved that propagandist chess piece another square down the board.

Perhaps there were other countries that may have taken note of Lincoln’s leadership and applied the concepts of freedom and liberty in their own society – which is a positive thing.

Nobody could argue it is a good thing when socialist dictators pick up on American policy and use it to their own political gain.

When good Nations rise to new levels as the result of the leadership demonstrated in America, that is a good thing, right?

Well then what can be said when dictators take your rhetoric and “capitalize” on it?

Not a comforting thought.

Oh well.

Hip, hip, hooray for socialist dictators, eh Nancy?

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