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The Deal-Maker (or Breaker?)

“She’s a beauty, ain’t she?  Hardly been driven.  Seems she was the lifelong dream of a fella and he passed away just after buying it.  His widow inherited it, and she only drove it to church. Better hurry though; I had a boy in here earlier who is hot for this car…I understand his dad is wealthy and buys him anything he wants too.  Be ashame to miss this deal.”

“10,000 megawatts.  That’s the power in those babies.  Mount them in your rear window and you’ll have a rolling boom box.”

“If we do not pass this spending bill the enitre planet could suffer a financial meltdown to rival global warming!”

You get the car home and find out the odometer has been rolled back.  Instead of 2,000 miles, it proabably had 200, 000.

You also find out that the boomin’ speakers you mounted in your new car spark and sputter more than the motor.

Now, what will we find out about this financial meltdown?  Is it too a case of over-sell?

We are already hearing the excuses.  Why it won’t provide instant jobs.  Why the world is sitting up and taking notice, whispering “is America really wanting to start a trade war now?”.

I wonder what China is thinking?  They are holding a lot of the cash in this game of high stakes roulette.  You might say the odds favor the house.  In this case, the house of Mao.

So are we going to be stuck with this old clunker singing the same old fuzzy tunes?

I suspect next we will hear more excuses.

Then there is the buck passing phase, followed by the “mistakes were made” phase.

Yeah, mistakes were made alright.  They were made when this country abandoned conservative principles.

This nation has been operating in a state of free trade with the world since Columbus first sailed here (in fact, it is why he came).

We traded in tobacco.  We traded in cotton.  We traded in oil, and now, in technology.

America is not an island, and she deserves a better shake than a slick sales job.

It is my sincere prayer and earnest hope that she will weather this spending meleé.  One can hope, and one must pray.

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