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Let’s Next Blame Adam Smith

This morning I take note (and exception) of the Nobel Prize winning economist on C-SPAN.

Yet again, we have someone spouting off on air about how this whole crisis is the fault of the Republican administrations.  De-regulation.  They are like a broken record.

They will not place one iota of blame on Clinton.

Yesterday I received an e-mail reminding the recipients of the NY Times article that foretold of this crisis.  The more I read, the more I listen and the more I process, the more I believe this was manufactured not by Republican policy, but rather, by radicals like that long-hair, Bill Clinton.


Billary go Euro. Go Karl! Go Sweden! Go Lenin !

We all know about their involvement in real-estate schemes (White Water was some sort of a land deal).  This must have been some sort of template for ACORN and Obama’s policies with Rezco and Blago.

The NY Times article was dated 1999.  Here is a link to that article.

It seems patently obvious to me that when a “Nobel-prize-winning economist” comes on and does nothing more than point fingers at Republicans that there may be something amiss.

Add to this that this Nobel prize was handed out the same  year ( 2008 ) that Al Gore won it, and things get even more suspect.

Go beyond this and consider that the prize is handed out in Sweden.  Now what is it we know about European economic philosophy?  They are essentially collectivists.  They consider themselves to be intellectuals, but then, they did have “the corner” on all-things-social in Western Civilization for a very long time.  To the winner belongs the spoils.

But wait !  What was Sweden’s contribution to putting down the Nazis or tearing down the wall that divided Europe?

I think their time is up.  Why should we listen to the harangues of those sitting on the sidelines.  Are they in the game?  Are they taking the licks?  What have they done to contribute to a solution to the world’s ills (raising alarms about global warming?).

As I’ve made mention in this column I am in process of reading The Gulag Archipelago. I had watnted to try and keep any comparisons limited to the page dedicated at right, but there will inevitably be some bleed-over.

This is so very reminiscent of the party officials (those close to Lenin and Stalin and the rest) who would take on grandiose schemes and charge forward strong-arming engineers and those who might know something about bridges and dams and other such projects, skim money, under-fund and under-build and then when the project fails, they proceed to blame the engineers and then it’s “off to the Gulag” for them.

They pressure the engineers to build a grand project, but they give them no tools with which to work.  Then when failure inevitably happens, “off with their heads”.

The term is much over-used, but it is the equivalent of “throwing someone under the bus”.

I think that this economist and the rest of the liberals are trying (and this is obvious) to throw Reagan and the Bush’s under the bus.

It is not working where I am concerned.

The article above is part and parcel of what is wrong with these people in position of current power.  They are blaming others, and they are doing nothing to contribute to the success of our nation.

Well, I say nothing.  They are funding projects to put these “green” light bulbs in Government buildings.  They will probably pay somebody with a mortgage they can not afford $25.00 an hour to do this monumental task.  It is going to go so far toward lessening our dependence on foreign oil, you know.

Couple that with the shill corporations that will be set up to handle waste disposal of the light bulbs (you do know that the “green” light bulbs are high in Mercury, don’t you?  Can’t have stuff falling into land fills without first processing it).

And all this “smart” spending will bring us out of this slump.  How do you like the new deal now?

Like the party officials in Russia, they are simply holding on to their power base.  They sacrifice the backbone of the nation, and for what?  For their own political gain.

For the Nobel prize.

Well there is only one prize that will be relevant in this day, and that is the prize that goes to those who will be responsible for pulling the world out of this mess it is in.

That prize will go to you and me, to the people who are already over-taxed and over-burdened (and let’s not forget that there are others in other countries who are over-taxed by the collectivists).

It will be our sweat and our toil that raises this country once again.

It will not be the nobel-prize-winning economist.  It will not be Bill Clinton or Al Gore, or B.O.

It will be you and me.

So to you fat-heads who keep up with your “blame Bush” or “Blame Reagan” games, I say only this: you need to keep your eyes on these people who are stuggling with this whole mess that YOU created – because they most assuredly have their eyes on you.

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