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So, did you here the one about this goomer in England who is worried about the rise of fascism from radicals on the far right?

Far right.

For me, it’s always been a little akin to being caught in Superman’s “bizarro” world when you begin applying American concepts of the politic to European philosophy.

A close relative of mine once tried to explain to me how it was that the labor party in Australia was really more conservative than our own Republican party.  Like I said, bizarro world.

Or is it?

If what Mr. Ball means by “far-right” fascism is a fascism born of the “privileged” class, then he may be “spot on” as the Brits would say (I suppose, if the clichés are correct).

At any rate, think about it.  Were there to be an uprising in say, America, where do you think it would begin?

Well, there have been rumors of class envy and class warfare for two or three decades now.  It exists.

Think about the last time you were at the barber shop and someone said “yep, the rich keep gettin’ richer, and poor keep gettin’ poorer”.



Now that do sound like the seeds of discontent.  Of course, as the same guy to “define rich and poor” – you may be suprised by his answer.

He probably calls himself “middle class” (something the French would refer to as the “bourgeoise” – or Eddie Murphy as “Bougie White People”).

The fact is, were there to be problems, I don’t really see them “springing” from the rich, but rather, from another faction attempting to re-distribute wealth, to quash the opposition (ie “rich”, ie “define rich”, i.e. “you and me”, i.e. “middle class”, i.e. “Bougie White People”)  (say, through a “fairness” doctrine, or better, muzzle), or by telling everyone to “get used to it, we won, you lost”.

Now what I learned in reading literature and history books and so on, was that repression is basically equivalent to fascism.  I know, fascism in it vile form is probably more about concentrating wealth and power into the hands of the few, say through “re-distribution programs”, such as when the Nazi’s took all the possessions from the wealthy Hebrews (paintings, jewelry, their gold teeth) and essentially redistributed that wealth to their own, sinister devices.

So, when you repress speech, when you take moneys from one and give to another, when you adopt a cavalier and arrogant attitude toward the minority party, essentially, isn’t it the left who is acting fascist?  The “redistributionists” ?

I’m sorry, but for me, fascism, communism, totalitarianism – they are all evil monsters, and they are designed for one purpose – to favor one group over another.

The Politburo, the NKVD, “Il Duce”, the “SS” (now, that’s bound to get your attention) – silly me, and I thought all the left was worried about was some waterboarding of known terrorists (of the beheading variety) down GITMO way – what they are really interested in is redistributing Adam Smith’s “Wealth of a Nation” – and they are doing it by spending your hard-earned taxes.

Guess I’d better go back to practicing “getting used to it”.

I’m going to snuggle in for some more reading of Solzhenitsyn’s “The Gulag Archipelago” – got a funny feeling I need to bone up on what life is about to be like for we living in this “liberal democracy” where everyone is free – everyone “who won” that is.

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