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An “Unprecedented” President

Novel and unexampled?  Well.

Actually, we’ve had other Presidents who have held threats above our heads.

Think about it.

Do you remember that it was Jimmy Carter who initiated the 55 mph speed limit, prompting Mr. Hagar’s lament.  I seem to remember it was the environment and foreign oil dependency then too (OPEC oil cartel in the early 70’s…ring a bell?).

“The sky is falling.”

Lest we not forget the Clinton-Gore team and Global Warming.

“The sky is falling.”

And now for your viewing pleasure, Obama’s “unprecedented” recession.

First, he paints himself as Lincoln re-born.  Now he’s FDR.  What will we have next, Truman (look out, Iran).

Then –  have you heard this one?  This was a “bipartisan” expenditure of 800 billion dollars.  Right.  They had two Republicans.


Just like drawing the conclusion that some funky weather patterns spell the end of life as we know it, a rising unemployment rate is a true signature that we are headed for economic ruin.

Well, come to think of it, the most repressive economic times I remember in my lifetime were during the Carter years. I seem to recall an unemployment rate of 14% back then.


See a pattern yet, America?

Well, Mr. President, you made the comment that if things don’t work out, America can elect a new President in four years.


Here’s a suggestion for a change we can live with; how about a system like England where their Emperor can be thrown out by referendum vote if he’s not living up to the task…but here’s one further – we need to apply that to every Senator and Congressman as well.

No more “House censor” – WE will be the censors.

You mess up, we throw you out on your can!

I still have not heard one solitary word on what the return on my investment will be.

Better roads…ok, then what?

Nothing to drive on them?  Horse and buggy?  Electric car?  Well, without coal, and without nukes, where the hell are we getting the electricity?


Return on Investment.

What’s the plan, Stan?

Decisions are being made right now on behalf of current voters without any regard what-so-ever to the future.  Rubbing salve on an open vein will not stop the bleeding.

This bandaid is doing nothing for the massive internal bleeding (TRILLIONS of dollars bubbling down the drain).

We need real action, and a leader who is going to demonstrate that he is more than PR and fluff.

Don’t tell me you have bipartisan support, Mr. President, when you have TWO republicans on your side on this.

This is a travesty.

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