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Integrity, Compromise

A politician on television yesterday opened a rousing debate in my heart, mind and soul this morning.

They say a good debate always starts with a question, so here goes:

Would God intervene in a struggle between man and Lucifer by asking man to acquiesce to the devil?

Well, the answer is patently obvious to me, but I think not-so-patent to others, perhaps.

In order to glean some understanding of the nature of God, one must look at examples He has given us.

The first that comes to mind is when Christ is confronted by evil.

It has always been more than a bit disconcerting to me that during the three days in hell, God never seemed to be in the picture.

It was Christ v. Satan, and for the Savior there was no advocate.

Or was there?

It was the nature of Christ to provide an indwelling for God.  God was there, but He stood by in the heart and allowed the will of Christ to take charge. Who knows what conversation took place in the soul of Christ?  I would love to have been a fly on the wall of that temple.

Christ fought that battle, but He fought it with the inward reserves granted by God (at least, that is how I like to see it).

Now, in this particular instance, God could have intervened in the mind of Christ and pushed Him to accept the devil’s terms.  Thankfully (for all our worthless and pity-filled souls) He did not.

He allowed His son’s will to be the Master of His (their) fate.

He allowed His son to suffer even beyond the “sting” of death, and did so as both a function of His own nature, of His respect for His son, and further, on behalf of our simple nature.

This beckons to an earlier biblical reference whereby God has asked Abraham to plunge the knife into his son’s chest.  In this instance, God yields not to a devil-like impulse, but rather to the love that exists between man and son (an obviously different love than between God and son – but then, the son in God’s case was somehow more than that of the common man).

Now ask yourself what would have been the outcome had God allowed Abraham to “follow through” with his deadly swing?

God would be reduced to a ghoul in a B-movie.  How would we distinguish Him from Lucifer?

One may make that argument in the case of Christ; but how divine it is to allow a will that God so trusted to act of its own nature.  God of course knew what Christ would do, but the point is, God allows Christ to be the Master of His own heart; the same can be said of Abraham (every man knows Abraham did not want to kill his own son, just as we each know that God could not have wished to see man kill Christ).

Where integrity is concerned, I can’t help but think of biblical references to Satan as “legion” and God as “one” (one true).

Integrity conjures such meanings as “oneness” and “unbrokeness”. The master link in a chain.

Integrity is essentially a vault that is without compromise, a code that is unbreakable, a link in a chain that will not disintegrate under pressure.

It is the “one-ness” of God, the irascibility of man, the nature of the beast (for isn’t Lucifer really in it for Lucifer’s sake ?).

While they say that the “art of the deal” is compromise (thank you Mr. Trump), there is a point at which compromise has no other meaning than breaking the bank.   It is one thing in “dealing” to set your sights high and have a “true” figure at which you will not bargain below…it is something else to compromise the low-end of the deal, to throw the baby out with the bath.

Like a chain under pressure, it may “snap” all-at-once, or with slow and increasing pressure over time, it may stretch like taffy and yield its integrity in a twisting, writhing death.

To invoke the name of God to intervene in a struggle between political and economic philosophy is, I believe, simply wrong.  We should, I believe, NEVER reduce God to our level.  We do not define Him; He defines us (and we, all-too-often, defy Him).

It would be the equivalent of asking God to forgive you before you go out and murder someone, or to take the approach that “Christ died for my sins, so I just don’t worry about it.  I’m a sinner, and I’m going to sin, so why not just get used to it?”.  It is defeatist, that’s why.   It is giving in to the devil.

God in politics is profane; God invoked to help our lowly state is something else entirely.

God asked no one to murder Judas.  He asked no one to intervene when Moses’ exiles danced ’round their fetted, golden calf.

He left it up to Moses to respond, after-the-fact.

All those biblical lessons, to me, teach that it is up to us to determine what is good, and what is evil.

Biblically speaking, spending like the prodigal’s son ain’t exactly what I believe are the lessons of our faith.

We are taught to invest wisely, to spend sensibly and to work, diligently.

No one on the left wants to even acknowledge the plans of the right; plans that simply make sense.

What is so wrong with demonstrating a return on this investment, made on behalf of the American taxpayer, illustrating to us all in real terms what will be the “payoff” of this spending spree?

I remember when I worked in banking and finance, “due dilligence” was a term bantered all-too-frequently.

Mr. Congressmen, Mr. Senators…Mr. President – I think it is HIGH time that the government of our nation, the government of our people, the government by our people and the government for our people begin acting like the government representing the our people’s money and with due and absolute, responsible diligence.

I urge you to adopt a plan that is more responsible than a drunken whore on a midnight spree for more booze, or a clan of exiles intoxicated by their God-less reverie.

End your irrascible nature  now, and set this country back on a course of fiscal responsiblity, or else suffer the consequences of spending policys that help today, but end tomorrow in the strained and twisted, melting link of an economy under too-much-strain from your wild and wanton, waste-filled ways.

Do not kill something that works (capitalism) for something that nobody has any confidence will work.  Ask youself this simple question – was it socialism that built an economy in which a single state in the union has (had) a larger gross product than did many nations?

It was capitalism that created an environment in which something of this magnitude could take place.  Capitalism that created the concept that “on a clear day, you can see GM”.  It was capitalism that made this country strong.

Abandon it today and be forever damned to enslavement in the hell-fire stoked by the socialist straw bosses of Second-City Tammany!


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