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Another one bites the dust; and a sound bank prop

Well, now Daischle drops out.  Guess that makes the count about five or six, depending on how you count?

We have Blago, Clinton, Kennedy, Geitner, Daschle and Killefer on the list, and there are still question marks about Emmanuel (I only add that because Blago says he will supoena him in a lawsuit).

Who knows if Blago will sue, but I’m including it just in case.

Wow.  I suppose if you take that whole concept of Obama as a savior figure and move it down the road a bit, it looks as if his apostles are more in league with Judas than with Peter, John, Luke, Matthew, Bartholomew and the rest.

I’ve been chastened for making comparisons of “O” to Christ, but it is more to point out from my perspective how unlike Jesus of Nazareth is Obama than how like him.  Granted, the above fellows probably do not sink to the depths of Judas, but they certainly do not rank with the Apostles either (to be fair, we all most likely fall short of that crew).

The point in all this is, though, that Obama by the media, by his followers and apparently by at least 50% + of the poplulation who voted for him have hailed him as some sort of supernatural figure who will just make everything that they perceive as “wrong” with America, right again.

From where I stand, you’ll not improve the situation in this country by stacking your administration with people who did not pay their taxes, who wish to tax the citizenry even more heavily, who are veiled rather than transparent and who were entrusted with oversight of these banks in the first place (and therefore in part contributed to this mess we are in).

The more I see, the more I am convinced that the hype certainly was over-inflated (like some egos that are in the limelight).

Balancing the Bank’s Checkbook

Here is another plan that might be worth looking over.  Something simply must be done, and it appears that there are some pretty good propsals beginning to crop up.  Precipii has covered a couple – here is another:

From the Wall Street Journal, Robert C. Pozen on a plan for distibuting toxic assets.


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