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It’s Good to be The King

King Nut-n-Common, Lord of Libs, Sultan of Socialism, the Potentate of Pain

King Nut-n-Common, Lord of Libs, Sultan of Socialism, the Potentate of Pain

This morning I decided to do a “run-down” of the similarities and dis-similarities of B.O.’s approach to governing, and an unknown quantity (a “stylized” Republican counterpart – a composite based on past Republican administrations).

So here goes:


Humanity Wants to abort life, both domestic and abroad (pre-emptive genocide).  
Foreign Policy Wants to cozy up to all dictators, nations and hate groups who desire
to bring an end to Western civilization (Fidel Castro, Chavez, Hamas,
Taliban, Al Qaeda…Gordon Brown); uses regulation to stifle free trade
and inhibit global business enterprise; offers family planning and
abortion as an answer to the global financial meltdown; chases
windmills (alternative energy) and tells the world to follow our
Domestic Policy Tells his subjects to “buck up”; builds condom factories to cut down
on the population (giving foreign dictators an ‘edge’ should they
decide to invade); turns DC into one, bohunkin’ house party and in the
spirit of biparisanship “spits a loogey” at the GOP.Gets drunk, throws another house party and invites business leaders
to “come, take of my herb”.

Sets up “bad” banks to deal with toxic debt manufactured by a
poisonous ACORN.

Security Ensconces himself in a palatial pyramid (Washington, DC – THE place
to P*A*R*T*Y); tells the rest of the nation to “buck up”.
Leadership style Dictatorial; “I won, you lost, get used to it”.  
Energy Policy Chases windmills (golf carts, organic (horse and buggy), emission
controls, ending off-shore drilling, shutting down coal-fired plants,
dealing in carbon credits, turns nuclear plants into billion-dollar
“shroom” factories). Tells everyone to “buck up”.
Unemployment “Take a load off Joe”.  
The Economy “Gotta buck up”.  
War Retreats from one that is practically won and throws seasoned troops
into a vast and unknown situation (Afghanistan) offering no real sense
of objective, time frame, or plan for victory.
Agriculture “Herbs” and “Shrooms”  


Humanity   Wishes nothing more than for life to prosper, both American, and all
foreign Nations and foreign individuals; business models do not
discriminate to moderates or liberals, communists or socialists.
Foreign Policy   Looks to foster positive international business relations based on
ethics and sound, CAPITALIST philosopy (China, the Ukraine, the Soviet
Union, Britania, Argentina, Australia, Canada, Mexico, Italy (the EU)).
“Opens the door” to China; tears down walls that separate humanity and
works to unite the world in its common economic interests; works with
the Soviets to build improved drilling infrastructure; forms trade
alliances with a multitude of nations.
Domestic Policy   Builds economies whereby all Americans are afforded an OPPORTUNITY to
excel and prosper; encourages states and cities to set up situations
conducive to attract businesses and provide jobs – such as tax
incentives and improved infrastructure aimed at enhancing the
conditions for those businesses to thrive.
Security   Works incessently to ferret out potential threats to all humanity,
but especially those aimed at the United States of America.
Leadership style   Friendly, available, open to ideas and willing to work with all sides
(Nixon with a split Congress; Reagan achieving economic prosperity in
deals he struck with the Dems, Nixon with Brezhnev; Eisenhower’s
moderation toward all; GW Bush compassionate conservatism and thousand
points of light.
Energy Policy   Explores ALL avenues; promises & builds additional nuclear plants
(which also provides jobs); explores every avenue of energy production,
from carbon-based, to geothermal, from wind and hydro to solar and fuel
cells; sets the stage for infrastructure changes such as rapid mass
transit; pushes to lift the “regulation” set up by the
to inhibit the domestic production of oil.
Unemployment   Against it. When in power, ENJOYS the lowest unemployment rates in
The Economy   Eisenhower and the 1950’s were the most prosperous time in our
Nation’s history; during the age of Nixon our nation saw unpresedented
growth in international business and trade; the Bush/Reagan/Bush years
brought technological breakthroughs that set our country on a course to
keep up with and even eclipse Moore’s Law and provide the conditions
necessary for exponential growth (geometric and not
“sequentially linear” – in other words, growth that expands outward
like the crystal formations of ice in the atmosphere – it grows,
exponentially, in all directions and dimensions similar to the birth of
a galaxy).
War   Eisenhower (Supreme Commander of Allied Forces); Nixon (got us out of
Viet Nam); Bush (Gulf War I; drove Iraq out of Kuwait); Reagan (freed
our hostages; “tear down that wall”); Bush (Achieved 90% victory in
Agriculture   A host of “rancher” Presidents, cowboy!

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