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The Sublime Imposition of Imperialism

“The guys at Gitmo have rights”.

“We are going to fund abortions in foreign lands”.

“We will provide health care to illegal aliens, a function of their “rights” “.

Whoa, Nellie !

First, it is my understanding that criminals who commit felony offenses forfeit many of their rights, even after having “done their time”.  They can not hold elected office.  They can not vote.

For those of you (read “liberals”) educated in our very public, very unionized (the womb of collectivism), very socialized (and very liberal) education system – felonies are such crimes as murder, attempted murder and kidnapping.  They usually rise far above the level of swiping a grape from the produce counter (although…give a liberal camel an inch of nose under the tent and pretty soon you are sleeping out by the fire).

One would think that high crimes, misdemeanors and treason would add up to the top of the mark.

Actually, I believe that the crime of terror and those who perpetrate such dastardly war crimes as planting IED’s on a roadside that indescrimately kill soldiers and civilians rises far above even treason.

Why then should the GITMO prisoners be afforded “rights” that even our lowly (in comparison) felons do not enjoy?

So what about the abortions?

Touchy subject, but here goes.

Since when is it a God-given and inalienable right to wantonly have relations, get “in a family way” and then kill that unwanted nuissance that gets in the way of all the “fun times” you are having?

I used to say, tongue in cheek, “those soul-less liberals”; I’m not laughing any more.

You can not just adopt this hedonistic attitude and call it a “right”; when you practice your filthy ways, you spread a disease all across our society.  When you make me pay for the treatment for your disease, you bring down the standards of all our society.

You ask me to foot the bill for your indiscretions.

You take the attitude that it is somehow my responsibility to raise your children even (“it takes a village”).

You do not have the right to tell me that your actions are my responsibility.  The are not.

There is no constitutional, or God-given (inalienable) “right” that says that I have to bear the burden for someone else’s actions.

You use the same logic with those “boys” from GITMO; the world is to blame for creating a situation whereby they must resort to terror.


I did not build the IED.  I am not the one launching missiles into Israel.

This is the act of terrorists who take advantage of what the liberals perceive to be “inalienable” rights (as if they know God and what “rights” He dolls out to we mortals).

Your perversions of our Constitution essentially represent a sublime form of Imperialism.

Liberals, by their very nature, practice a form of subjugation that dwarfs even slavery (for it represents an imprisoning of the soul).

It is not the liberals intent to “free Iraq”, but rather, to indoctrinate it into a liberal Western concept of Democracy.

Democracy can take as many forms as flavors of food, and each culture will bring its own unique sensation to the concept.

But the liberal only wants a single flavor – one that represents their true agenda.

You see it in the cavalier attitude of “the anointed one”.

An example in point: some Christians believe that the only way to legitimately prosper in this world is to do so, somehow, through Christ.  It is my observation that many non-Christians prosper in this world, and their prosperity is not tied to anything “evil”, but rather, through hard work.  In other words, they can prosper legitimately and do so even when offering thanks to a God other than our own.

I think the above scenario represents an attitude that we American NEED to adopt; Judeo-Christianity (while preferred by me) is not the ONLY game in town when it comes to ethics in business.

If you are still with me…the point I’m making here is that liberals seem to think that the only legitimacy in this world necessarily MUST come from a liberal mindset.

I would bet you that these nations we will help fund abortions – that even they have a general mindset that is opposed to abortion (it is the nature of man to want to build nations and armies to protect them through procreation – this is not endemic only to we Christians).

It is a superior attitude to go in to deals with other nations with any other mindset.

Yet the same way that liberals wish to IMPOSE abortion on the American taxpayer, they also wish to export their morality on the rest of the world.

For ages liberals have harped on conservatives and painted them as Imperialists (exporting American values on Viet Nam, Nicaraugua, and Iraq, for example) – yet, what are we seeing here when we stretch the boundaries (not to mention, legitimacy) of our Constitution to include prisoners at Gitmo and heathen societies that wish to offer their unborn up for ghoulish experimentation – what we are seeing is Impreialism at its most extreme – a sublime imposing of imperialism.

They are essentially sneaking it in the back door.

Since we now export abortion to foreign lands, what will stop us from then exporting our “globalized” (as opposed to “nationalized”) health care system?

Why do you think B.O. is wishing to spend the bailout money in the mass manufacture of condoms?

These liberals are so steeped in the base nature, the most primitive nature of man, that they can not see anything else in this world.

They have sold their souls to the age of pornography.  They are reduced to nothing more than an orgy.

\Writhing maggots.

It is beyond time that we call a spade, a spade.

There is no pussy-footing in this.  What we have is TRUE imperialism, and the world will soon recognize it for what it is, and then (as history bears out) rise up against it.

America simply needs to mind its own business FIRST (and as the saying goes in the hills “once you mind your own business, you won’t be minding mine quite so much”).

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