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Well, they all do it

This sounds like a term we will get much accustomed to over the next four years.

Used to, everyone would say “ah, they all do it.  Nixon just got caught”.

Or, “you know they are all chasing skirts…Clinton just made it official”.


I remember in a class somewhere (science, probably) I was taught never to use absolutes.

Never say, for instance, “ALL ice is formed when water freezes”.

Or “no explosions have ever been caused by ice”.

[One kind of ice is formed when CO2 is frozen, and should you place this ice in an air-tight cooler, such as an Igloo, the gas that forms when the ice melts can actually cause a pressure explosion that will make a pretty big boom and rip the ice chest to shreds.]

Of course, never saying “never” probably also falls into this category of what not to do.

Always and never.  Tough words to negotiate in science.

Probably true in politics too.

I do not think it is a good idea to say “they all do it”.

But…I’m beginning to smell a trend with Demonrats and  admin, B.O.

For instance, this Timothy Geithner dude and his taxes.  WOW !

Or, how bout that Kennedy chick and…yep…her taxes.  WOW !

Well, how about that Clinton gal and her husband’s “transparency”.  Whoa.

Bet there are those that would like to make ol’ Willie transparent, like that guy from the Chicago musical “Mr. Cellophane”.

“Cause you can see right through him, look right through him.”.


Well, I see how people begin to believe that “they all do it”.

Take that whole Rose Law firm deal, and the Whitewater affair.  Wow.

Didn’t that have something to do with real estate?

Speaking of real estate, that Blogovich guy, from Chicago…wasn’t his wife caught up in some real estate deal involving that prisoner, what’s his name?  Rezco?

Oh, but wait.  Isn’t there some kind of tie between Rezco and ACORN (and ACORN and Obama?).

Oh well.  I guess “they ALL do it”.

Well, all Demonrats anyway.

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