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What would $150 million buy?

Besides a Presidency, of course.

Well, looks like it would buy a whole day of partying.

Looks like a bunch of fraternity drunks tinkling away the last few cents of their daddy’s trust fund to me.

Chicago politics and politicians.  My, my.

And then there is of course, the media.  Here they stand in line just behind Detroit auto and internet pornography with their hands out. Could 150 mil buy them?

I doubt it.  They are on the “high-class” end of the street.

You’ve heard the excuse the porno industry is using?  They were “squeezed” out by the inundation of freely-available porn on the internet.

Well, not that we represent the profane, but I wonder if the news media has considered the blogo-sphere is acutally more dedicated to reporting in an unbiased fashion than are they.

I wonder if they have a clue yet that we too are pouring out on the net as free as pure white salt (but much, much more modest than the porn).

Kind of a weird situation.  We are trying to represent what is squeeky clean, in contrast to all the free porn.

Alternately, major media outlets look to be as filthy as “Debbi Does Beijing”.

Well, it is time to climb out of the gutter.

Here’s to you and your 150 million-dollar party today, Demonrats.  I hope you enjoy your festivities.

Keep in mind, I will be here on the homefront with so many other Americans, sending out resumes and trying to find a paying job (got to find something to keep this blogosphere of truth going).

I know it won’t be the case, but I am in hopes that today’s party will end your spending spree.

The rest of us would kind of like to earn some bacon for our  tables.

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