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The Worst Leader in History

So, what is worse, Adolph Hitler, or a bumbling and incompetent Clement Attlee?

How do you define “worst” ?

If you define it by a marauding, blood-thirsty murderer…well.

Consider that in some circles, death due to incompetence is considered murder.

Sluggish inaction, even when tied close to one’s principles, if it leads to the same result…

Well, obviously a blood-thirsty tyrrant whose intent is to kill is probably a different standard.

Who else would qualify as the world’s “worst” leader, I wonder?

Consider this one (read on, and do not be shocked, as if you could in the age of modern media); what about F.D.R. ?

How so?

Here is a man who was dedicated to stopping Hitler at any cost (and, rightly so).  Why then would such a man adopt the very economic philosophy of Adolph Hitler (remember, NAZI means “National Socialist”).

Is it that Roosevelt was so struck by the fierceness of his enemy and the German successes that he wished to adopt their ways?

Even after the war, everyone believed that Germany was a society of genius.  Perhaps.

On the other hand, necessity is the motherhood of invention, and when one is against the entire world and hell-bent on complete domination, man has a central tendency to call upon all his resources.

Germany was, without doubt, a well-educated society and so captured the world’s attention (look at me, or else) that to this day, sixty-four years later, still we look at Europe as some sort of standard.

We emulate their socialist philosophy.

Only last night I caught Gov. Mitt Romney discussing America’s economic future on C-SPAN.  He believes (and I support him in this) that we should target our tax rates to those of Europe.  If his stats were correct (and my understanding – I came in late to his discussion) we are some 10 or 12 percent above the EU rate.

That’s taking emulation a few steps further down the road.

So, I ask you: is it leadership to follow?

Consider F.D.R.’s successor.

Harry Truman nationalized rail and steel.  This is an extreme form of socialism…in fact, it is total domination by the state (sound familiar, mien fuhrer?).

Now, there’s some leadership for ya.

Of course, it was for the noble purpose of winning a war.

Well, we didn’t actually “win” in Korea, now did we?  Of course, ask a South Korean and he may tell you different.

How about those Kennedy’s and Johnson’s though?  Huh?

Now there are some leaders.

They did not even win South Viet Nam (too bad we cannot ask the 6 million who died in the Khmer Rouge).

Leadership.  Ain’t exactly pretty, is it?

Now this morning, I turn on C-SPAN again and bear witness to yet another onslaught of Democrat callers lambasting George Bush.

Granted, I did not whole-heartedly support all his economic policies.  I like low taxes and lower spending for and by the Government.

I always dismissed my concerns giving him leeway since we are at a time of war.

But ask yourself, honestly, is he really any worse than the above mentioned?

To focus on bits and pieces is wrong, but to look at what effect a President’s policies have had on a Nation, this is the mark of the man.

Creeping socialism and its failed programs are the legacy of FDR, Truman, JFK, LBJ, Carter, Clinton and now (obviously) B.O.

You want to know what lousy leadership looks like?  Look at what they leave in their trail.

George Bush protected this country from foreign terror.  He kept it safe.

He did what no commander should ever attempt – fight a war on two fronts (you might want to check your history books about WW II and Hitler’s campaign(s) against Russia in the East and Patton in the West) in Europe – of course the same can be said of the U.S. in the fighting that took place in N.Africa, the Pacific and the European theater).

When you look at this war on terror, we are fighting on several fronts, but the most important front is here at home.

The Clement Attlee’s of the modern day are now leading our country.

They are more interested in shutting down our energy resources and blocking capitalism than at all interested in actually leading our country, both out of debt, and to victory against our enemy.

You want to see poor leadership: you have a ring-side seat.

Watch, as they raise our taxes.

Watch, as they “negotiate” with our enemies.

Be entranced as our standing in the world as a true leader comes into question (just look at the way the markets are responding).

I realize that it is not a time to kick an incoming leader, but I tell you in no uncertain terms, it is no time to kick one on his exit either.


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