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High Praises to the Pope of Greenwhich Village

Mr. Rourke, I have a number of reasons to sing your praises this evening.

As an individual, you are a REAL Rocky Balboa.  You came back.  You were a star, you faded a little, and now you shine.

Also, on a personal level: I appreciate anyone from Hollywood who has the guts to stand up and say what is on his mind.

The other night I saw you thank your dogs.  I’m a dog lover too, so it “got me, right there”.

And still again on a personal level, and again, concerning your guts: you, Sir, in spite of what everyone else in Hollywood has done and is doing, you have the guts to stand up and say what you believe to be the truth about George W. Bush.

I believe that your assessment is close to what history will record.

Thank you, Mr. Rourke.

Attached this as reference - click the image to jump to the article.

Attached this as reference - click the image to jump to the article.

I remember hearing about you in “The Pope of Greenwhich Village” (I’m not altogether sure I saw that one; I want to say I saw you in “Rumblefish” where I first became aware of your tallent).

Me and my buddies always used to like to pick who would be the next Charles Bronson, or John Wayne, or Steve McQueen (we all had our faves from growing up, and we liked to compare our contemporaries and gauge them against our own silver screen heros).

We all thought you were gonna be big.

And you are.

It takes a big man to stand for what he believes.  A big man to defend others when they are being kicked in the gut by the assortment of scumbags out there in Hollywood and elsewhere in media-land (I hope you are able to steer clear of them).

I’ll tell ya man, me and my friends were right.  You are up there with Bronson, Connery, Wayne, and Bogey.  You are a guy who is believable on the screen as a real man, and who you can believe would be the same man off the screen.

My hat is off to you, Sir.

Congratulations, and thanks for helping to restore my belief in silver screen heros!

(As soon as I find a job, I plan to go out and see The Wrestler, maybe, and then to re-visit “Rumblefish” and “The Pope…”, and, and, and…I can’t wait to see you and Downey (who I was also pleased to hear is a stand-up guy) in Iron Man II.

Best of luck to you and your dogs, Mick – and if you’re ever down Tennessee way around the Smoky Mountains, I’d love to show you around. You’d be welcome to ride with me and my gang of misfits anytime!

Bring your hog…guarantee you I can take you on some incredible journeys.

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