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Abe and Barry Compared

They both share the same build.

Their ears are simlar in shape.

Oration is something at which both excel.

Illinois is their home.

They both spent time in the Oval Office.

Emancipation is a principle near and dear to them both.

While one was a Republican, the other is a Democrat.

One conducted a civil war on his own soil, the other risks involvement in one in foreign lands.


As we approach inauguration day, the Precipice would like to extend hearty well-wishes to the President-elect.

This should be a festive occasion, and we do not believe anything should ruin the celebration.

It is certainly a milestone in American history, and we sincerely hope for the good of the country, and for the good of Mr. Obama that his endeavors as our President are a resounding success for both sides of the aisle (for if it is good for America, then it must be good for both parties, right?).

So, here’s to you Mr. President-elect.  May your administration prove successful and your policies be of benefit to all.

And, again, congratulations!

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