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Corruption, cult of

Conspiratorial Bully-hallou

First, let me say that “yes” (emphatically), I have seen the Mel Gibson movie “Conspiracy Theory” – and further, “yes” (super-duper emphatically), I do remember the “vast right-wing” conspiracy of M.S. Clinton (now holding the second-most powerful position in the world).

I figure if she can say it, I can say it, only I will back my “theory” up with some interesting facts.

Part One: cooking up a financial meltdown

A group of capitalist-hating, environment-loving “revolutionaries” with a past steeped in underground terrorist groups (like, say, for instance, the Weathermen and Greenpeace) begin dialogue in plenary sessions at some conference some place like Vale, Colorodo and talk about what steps it will take to save the world.

The first step on which they all agree is to end “mean-old capitalism”, which is the source of global warming and all that is evil for kudzu (and all other things “green”).

They figure they can do it through a couple of the world’s oldest motivators – greed, and opportunity to find prosperity where there was none using the banking empire as the catalyst for this change.

So what could they call this diabolical little plot that would one day grow into a mighty force for change?  How ’bout “ACORN”  (the little seed that would grow into a mighty oak).

Set up a situation where-by people who could never afford anything can now suddenly afford the Taj Mahal.  Get the bankers involved by offering sweet government backing to prop up the system of loans and then send them to training schools on how to handle the prospective, first-time, home-owners.

Drive, drive, drive.  Close, close, close.  Man the real estate agents would be like flies over a sugar bowl – and the best part (everybody wins!) psssst (in a whisper) “and especially the environment”.

There you have it.   The seeds for felling a mighty capitalist oak.

Once the fake loans reach critical mass, the entire ponsy scheme collapses from within.

Part Two: Make Attacks on Environmental Hazards (then, shut the bastards down)

Yeah. This may be a bit far-fetched, but hey, it’s a conspiracy theory (sky is the limit).

Let’s say your Kudzurian Candidate puts forth a platform that is vehemently pro-environment, and passively anti-capitalist.

Let’s say that one of K.C.’s platforms is to make war on the coal industry.  Shut them down just like you previously have ram-rodded the economy (stupid).

You know of a certain political stronghold in your nation, a conservative stronghold that is predominantly conservative.  It’s in the South too (everybody hates those bastards).

It is also a tremendous area for the production and use of coal-fired energy generation.  In essence, it is the birthplace of modern, industrialized energy as well (including nuclear, coal, geo-therm, hyrdo, wind, and a tremendous repository of natural gas); it’s a blue-chip choice and the target of the Kudzu-Candidate’s “smart”   “bomb” – it is the heartbeat driving both industry and capitalism – energy!

Here’s an idea.

Underwater depth charges.

Set one off, create a MASSIVE environmental spill. Wait a few weeks.

Let the media reports take effect.

Then send in one of the country’s top experts in ambulance chasing.

Wait a few more weeks.

Then blow up another dike and create yet another environmental concern.

Wait a couple of days.

Sabotage a dam so that chemicals are spilled in a stream and kill a bunch of fish, (people love fish; it a symbol of Chistianity, and of the good ‘ol boy system of the solid South (bass fishermen); it also represents prosperity, and even, loosely, mana.

“Damn boys.  Looks like we gonna have to shut you down.  You obviously are incompetent and incapable of operating a plant like this safely.”

Problem solved.  Kudzu now flourishes and has completely choked out anything cattle can eat.  Welcome the era of tofu.

Part Three???:

(I’m guessing, start in on the nuclear industry by blasting one of its plants and annhialating Hot-lanta…yeah, yeah – just like Sherman, we will burn the Mutha down)

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