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Professorial I.Q.

So I’m watching on television this morning – “experts” (I suppose).

The one guy makes the statement “George Bush was more likable than Al Gore, but Al Gore was smarter”.

Wow !

The inventor of the internet, the guy who with his wife “Tipper” inspired the movie “Love Story”, the guy who won the Numbskull Piece Prize for screaming that the sky is falling – HE is smarter than George W. Bush.

I’m asking myself what this tells me about how smart these professors really are (this guy was from George Mason U).

I’ve been flipping back and forth between the two C-SPAN stations, and I note that in both cases (one a journalist, one a professor) that each are highly critical – to the extreme really – of current U.S. policies.

They sit on the sidelines and critique, but they offer nothing up in the way of a counter-proposal that they think would be “good” policy.

I know that I am highly critical of Obama; I’m taking his inaction and his seeming inability to deliver on any promises and merely expounding on it.  I think it deserves observation (and not recognition).

So, maybe it is time I offer an alternative.  Here’s one.

Stop negotiating with terrorists.

How’s that.

Or how about this one; stop convincing the world that America is foundering like a dying duck on a pond.

I noted yesterday (and this is ONLY a snapshot), but I noted that the markets were fairly blasé when it came to the “alarming” unemployment stats.  The market did not tank, in spite of numbers that are of a bit of concern (especially if you are unemployed).

Let’s take this as an example of sheer genius.

A revolutionary wins a position, and the whole world begins to go down the toilet.

Had it been Al Gore eight years ago, where would we be today?

Al Gore and Obama are essentially from that same school of thought.  Environmentalist isolationists who want to hug trees and kiss the ass of people who want America and Americans dead.

They have sold the idea that we are killing the planet, and that our policies do not work.

One of the fellows on TV calls us “Imperialists” and “Nation Builders”.

You know, there is a critical difference between going in (like we did in Japan) and helping a war-torn nation get on its feet, then walking away to let them be and building an Empire.

The sun never set on England, back in the day.  Their people continued to occupy those nations as “colonies” (look at Canada).

We have NEVER advocated staying in Iraq.  We’ve never been about empire, we have always been all about autonomy.  We provided security to Iraq while its people re-organized themselves so that they could protect themselves and make their nation their own.

It seems patently ridiculous to me that these “scholarly” individuals would cast such aspersion on “W” as to compare him to Al Gore.

There is no comparison.

Al Gore would have turned over Iraq to the Iranians.  This is the mentality of their form of “negotiation”.

I’m reminded of the quote by the humorist, Dave Berry, concerning liberals:

They’re the kind of people who’d stop to help you change a flat, but would somehow manage to set your car on fire.

And a professor is telling us how much “smarter” is Al Gore than George Bush.

I think the proof is in the pudding.  Look at what he creates when he teams up with other “geniuses” of the Democrat persuasion.

The first one that comes to mind is the Crowe-Gore team for environmental protection.  Ms. Sheryl Crowe proposed that we all use a single square of paper when we clean up during visits to the bathroom.  This should work well with Mr. Gore’s 1.6-gallon toilet, which I’m certain he is using in his Carthage Mansion.

Some genius.

I’m telling you, when genius is defined by hucksters, we are in real trouble.

Real genius is defined by results.

If one breaks down the results of the gulf war and of the war in Iraq, we can see that a nation once in the vice lock of a dictator is now free.  It is now building its infrastructure and well-on-the-way to building itself as an autonomous nation (with little or no help from us in the future, other than as a partner in the market place, perhaps?).

Some empire building, wouldn’t you say?

Kind of like Al Gore’s “green” home.

There is a children’s story about a little boy who cries wolf.  What I am seeing around me are hucksters defining what constitutes an idiot, passing themselves as professors when in fact, I believe they are charlatans themselves.

Probably well-qualified to define idiocy, but only through example (and their examples do not point toward genius).

From my perspective, they are setting the gold standard for idiocy, and probably something like 99 and 94/100’s percent pure.

I think that even the least educated among us can recognize flim-flam when we see it.  Does not take a genius to see through the B.S. (and believe me, Crowe’s single sheet of paper just won’t clean up this mess).

Before you know it, we will all be swimming in it.

So what does the future hold?  Apparently, what with the President-elect negotiating with Hamas – looks like more life in the toilet for us all.

Thanks to Al Gore, it will be difficult to flush the country entirely down the tubes, so I suppose there is an audacity of hope in that.

It literally stinks worse than B.O.’s airplane.  Yikes !

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