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On Fantasy Isle

You know, historically Demonrats have always been isolationists.

Of course, there is Pat Buchanan, but…


I think they are becoming isolated from reality.

I remember learning in high school that “no man is an island”, but I’m beginning to question everything I ever learned.  The one thing I do know for sure, locking yourself in a dark room like Howard Hughes ain’t gonna get you very far in this old world.

You kinda have to “press the flesh” a bit (and keep in mind you can always wash your hands later).

I watched some of the hearings tonight on Blago up there in B.O.’s home state of Illinois (now there’s a reason to wash your hands, and probably bathe yourself in Clorox); some representative up there named Lou Long (Demonrat, naturally) takes the occasion of Nixon’s birth (funny that they, the Demonerratic leadership of Illinois would pick such an occasion to begin the trial – everything seems so orchestrated all-of-a-sudden), but he takes this occasion to compare Blago to Nixon.

He quotes the movie he just watched.  Yeah, there ya go.  Opie Taylor as your source.

You know, I am still young enough to remember the Frost-Nixon sessions.  I remember the heat David Frost took for his line of questioning, and also the fact that he’s kinda-sorta a Brit, isn’t he?  Not even an American Journalist grilling an American politico?

There was also the question of it all being about money, and that it was an opportunity for the one side to “try” Nixon (as if the media isn’t always “trying” everybody in one way or another), but then, an opportunity for Nixon to regain some “face” (to use the Japanese term for dignity restoration).

This was, keep in mind, in the era in which investigative journalism was on the rise (in the 40’s they’d have tagged it the “yellow”, “muck-raking” journalism of Walter Winchel).

What bugs me is, these spin-meisters of Broadway and Hollyweird are running with this idea – you see the quote constantly – “if the president does it, then it is not illegal”.

I challenge you all to go to this site and read what Nixon really had to say.  Read his comparisons to what Lincoln did during the civil war.

There is an anathema that goes with the idea of absolute power with all Americans; but if the only way to stop a 9/11 is to violate some perceived rights of some foreign citizens on our soil (even when they are completely counter to the spirit of our laws and constitution) – I agree with Nixon – the president (or whomever is in that position) must do what is necessary to preserve the nation.

If I see a man about to kill a child, and I have my gun, I think it is incumbent upon me to stop the man from killing the child.  I think I should shoot him and bear the consequences, throwing myself upon the mercy of the law.

I think it is spineless, and God-less to do otherwise.

Well, anyway, that’s enough, I suppose about the “real” interviews.

So here’s my beef-

Why in the hell did they not impeach this S.O.Blago character three weeks ago?  Why do it on Nixon’s birthday?

Is this some sort of publicity stunt to coincide with the movie.  Why do I suddenly feel that everything the Demonrats are doing is manufactured like some Michael Moore, Oliver Stone or Ron Howard (wait, that’s Opie isn’t it?) movie?

You know the saying about evil creeping in when good men look the other way?  I think bad men are sticking their noses in where they don’t belong and distorting the truth.

Let’s see, wasn’t it just several weeks ago when I ran the piece about Mayberry, and how the Fonz and Opie, and yes, even beloved Andy were all HUGE B.O. supporters?

The whole thing just smacks of Hollyweird Publicity stunts.

I think Nixon was a choirboy in comparison to Blago.

I think BB Rebozo was a veritable SAINT compared to this Rezco so-and-so.

What Nixon did was to try and hold together an administration in light of some disturbing choices made by members of the same.

To break into the Demonerratic HQ to try and find what they had in mind for the election, while a crime, I just don’t think it rises to the same level.

To buy a Senate seat (or to put it up for sale), it is above high crime and misdemeanor.  This is putting the legal system up for sale. It’s probably even worse than high treason.

It is an undermining of the entire political process.

Nixon believed that at a time of war, he needed to protect the stability.  While it was the wrong thing to do (the cover-up), I can understand his motive.

On the other hand, I think I understand all-too-well Blago’s motive as well, and all the hullaballo sin-meistering taking place.

Like Ron Howard’s.

It brings into question for me, the motive of all Demonrats.

Consider, if you will, that the Clintons buy a house up in New York, and the mortgage payment per month is $10,000.  Now, given that they are the ex-first family, they get secret service protection for the rest of their lives, you with me?

Well, there is a guest house out back on this estate that they have purchased for this 10 grand a month – now, guess what they charge the secret service to rent the guest house?

Ten grand per month.

But it’s really NOT all about money for them.

Has anybody stopped to ask why it is that B.O. and his family are not, as tradition has always had it, staying at the customary hotel? (Blair House, is it?).  Why do they have to stay at a different hotel?

Or how about this one.  Why is it that B.O.’s victory night parties looked as if they were staged at the Roman Colleseum?

I hear the Inauguration will make this look like chump change.

I can guarantee you…it is NOT all about money.

I’m getting the serious feeling here that the Demonrats are up to their old tricks (who said they ever stopped).

I’ve heard people say “the only problem with Nixon is, he got caught.  They all do it.  They are all on the make”.

Sorry, I don’t buy it for a moment.

While the axiom holds that you repeat a lie three times in Washington and it becomes the truth, there is a reality still at work in spite of what everyone chooses to believe, or what fibs they will tell, or use to ease their conscious (IF they have one – big if), or what half-truths they will tell in pursuit of advancing their agenda and power base.

The “real” truth does exist, and it is not defined by some manipulation of the meaning of the word “is”, or by some black magic PR where the populace is convinced that night is day, and that it is really a gray area as to which is which.

B.O. told us in the time leading up to the election that he would be bipartisan; yet we plainly see from his fellow Demonrats in Chicago, that they really have no such plan.

They want to demoralize all Republicans.  They want to make a sham out of Christianity; turn it into some ridiculous secular humanistic philosophical hooey, or a launch pad for their social agenda.

You know, I realize that Nixon did wrong, but he was no Blago.  He was no B.O. either.

Representative Long, I find it reprehensible that you would pick on the deceased, but more, that you would try and use his memory to minimize what has taken place in Chicago politics (among, by the way, YOUR party members).

I like to give everybody an even break, but it looks more and more like all the rumors of Chicago politics are absolutely true (and I only have to say this one once).

It is rotten to the core.

And now we have their chief big-wig at the helm of the entire nation.

Hold on tight, fellow Americans.  It’s gonna be a bumpy ride.

Oh, and by the way: if you want to enter into an intelligent debate, try quoting a source other than Opie Taylor.

Here’s an idea: why not read some of the news articles in print at the time of the “REAL” Frost-Nixon sessions?

Perhaps that is not in keeping with your fantasy world…you know, the one where trees sprout five dollar bills and Hamas comes over to your house for a tea party to discuss their amiable relations with Israel.

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