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Thus Speaketh the Doomsayer

Well, you will perhaps remember my righteous indignation on Sunday over the lady on C-SPAN who quotes an “exepert” in saying that Obama can not achieve anything on the environment as “it is already too late”.

I feel the effects of global warming spreading like a heat-wave all across the country today.

Here’s a challenge for you, reader; give me one example of a news source that has reported the favorable effeccts of our efforts in Iraq.  You can do it, but you’re gonna dig.

Well, should we be suprised that this bunch of Nazi extremists would waste any time in jumping on the Israelis?

Time magazine has a glowing report on the Israeli incursion on Hamas.

Using terminology like “deadly labyrinth” and combining “grimy Hamas commanders” with “the deaths of at least 40 civilians” intimates Israel as the “heavy” in this unfolding “drama”.

Well, so much for cliches.

Over the past eight years, Hamas missiles have been falling on Israel.  Where is all the colorful language to describe those civilian deaths?

I’m certain Henry Ford would be most proud of our media’s efforts today.

All the while, we have our commander-in-graft-elect yielding invitations to hold diplomatic parlez’s with Hamas.

Just brilliant.

Hell, if he ever retires from the presidency, I’m sure Time Magazine will have a position waiting for him.

I can’t help but think that were he our President-elect during any of our Nation’s difficult times, that San Juan hill would probably have never happened; Iwo Jima would have images burned in our memory of a the soldiers of a divine wind planting the flag of a rising sun on that precipice; Al Qaeda would probably have a majority representation in the U.S. Senate (ouch – now that is close to home).

I can not for the life of me understand this mentality.

To run Israel down for defending itself in a fight (where they have taken nothing but blows on the chin for eight years) – and then to downgrade them as such?  And to negotiate with their enemy?

I have to ask “what price peace” ?

I for one am in no way interested in compromising my own fortress and position to wave a white flag and go negotiate with terror.

In our court systems we have a term known as recidivism.  Again, for those in my audience educated in public schools, this means “falling back” – literally to rescind an expected behavior after reform and fall back into one’s true nature.

It is often used in conjunction with rape.

The leopard can not change its spots.

Of course, there will be examples where this is not the case.  There will be those exceptions by exceptional people.

The argument is always made by the liberal “I’d rather free a host of guilty men than execute a singular innocent” – well, in your argument, you put me in harms way when your release that “host of guilty” men.  I become an innocent who is potentially slain by your magnanimous philosophy.

This is what is happening when you defend Hamas against Israel.

Essentially, you are setting the norm for what we can expect as a society.

You have made it clear that it is your absolute intent to uncork the bottle and allow evil to escape and make war on us all.

Pogo had it right (almost).

We have met the enemy, but the enemy is “you”.

There are those among us in the media, and the “halls of leadership” who I believe are too vain to ever once look in a mirror; so I’m going to do you a favor – I’m going to tell you what I see in your reflections.

You are a people who after being bombarded on 9/11 would have the audacity to try and “bargain” with Al Qaeda.

You are a people who will place blame on those valiant individuals who have given all to protect and preserve our nation, our way of life.

In your arrogance, you would barter with thieves, thugs and the most reprehensible people on earth – terrorists.

I suppose it should come as no great suprise given your history.

How can you expect anything to be born from a culture of corruption that is going to be above board?

Oh I suppose you could paint a leopard, shave it, or give it a new set of clothes and convince it that it is a lion; at heart it will always be a leopard.

The hippie.  The reactionary.  The “revolutionist”.  The counter-culture hero. The journalist. Pogo’s Presidential tree.

Recidivists all.

Some revolution to lay down our lives for your principles.  Real heros.

On behalf of Israel, and all those God-fearing Americans who were protected under Bush’s leadership, I say, “thanks a lot”.

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