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Cliff Diving

When I was a kid, I used to love to cliff dive.

My dad taught me the rules (we were water rats).

He had a great story about how his older brothers taught him to swim.  Essentially, when just a kid (and scared-to-death of the water) they tossed him in, head-first, into the abyss.

The central thing to remember – they KNEW the waters.

He taught me, “son, always swim underwater where you are going to dive…swim deep…feel around, no matter how murky, and find the jagged edges that may lie beneath”.

I get the feeling no one did any swimming before they took the plunge in the cess pool that is B.O.

Today, we have reports of more slip-shod behavior (as if the reports by the news media were not enough).

Methinks you are seeing a pattern here that only adds to the odoriferous stench.

Even within his own ranks, he is rank.

In my humble opinion, liberals have always been the definition of lethargy.

They are the engineer of the train, asleep at the switch.

My Uncle (an ardent Democrat) told me before he died that he believed Clinton was “asleep at the wheel” before 9/11.

You know, it looks like “Snoozy” is back in town.

I just wonder if “we the people” are going to come around from our slumber.

I think eventually (perhaps sooner than later) we will have no choice.

Just as missiles are bombarding Israel at the moment, we will have our own challenges very soon.

Now who was it that said Bush was the idiot?

In eight years of his term of office, I don’t remember having to worry about the things we are worried with today (and all tied evermore to rule of the Demonrat).

What does it take to get through to the voting populace?

I’ll tell ya.

It takes Perl Harbor.  It takes “shots, heard round the world”.

It takes Fort Sumter.

I pray to God Almighty, with all my heart and all my soul, that we will not need something so drastic in order to come to our senses.

The only observation I can make at the moment is – we will have to hold to fire the feet of those making decisions today.  Their policies must be brought into the light of day so that we can all keep them honest, and in line (no matter how smarmy and corrupt they seem to be – and I reference Rezco, Blago, the Rose Law Firm, Jerimiah Wright, William Ayers and Sweet Willie, “I did not have sex with that woman”, “C”).

One of the favorite buzz phrases of the left is “evil prevails only when good men look the other way”; well, America, it is time to focus our laser glare on the “leadership” in vogue.

It is imperative if we are to maintain even a shred of what passes for respect to our honored and highly-esteemed past.

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