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The Hiring Process, Minnesota-Style

Consider this scenario.

You are the hiring manager for a company.

You interview candidates for a particular job, and you narrow the choices down to two.

There is a difficulty in the decision-making process, as your company is quite diplomatic and interviews using a team-process where many of the employees with whom the future employee will work are the intitial interviewers and they get to “cast” an opinion for his future employment.

You’ve known for a while that your company is sharply divided into individuals who do all the heavy lifting, and others who do very little that actually passes for real work, but they complain, a lot.

Due to the political structure, you are unable to get rid of the trouble-makers, so, you let things ride.

The company is divided over these last two candidates who have made it through the interviewing process.  You’ve looked at their strengths and weaknesses, and there is little that separates the two, save for one chief aspect: one has much more experience, yet the other is popular with many who interviewed him.

You know this is a crucial position, so who do you choose?

In Minnesota, it seems, the candidate will be chosen by the party that is in power (the do-nothings).

The one candidate who legitimately won the election (he was ahead by several hundred votes back when the election was first “over”) has now been “underwhelmed” by Franken who claims to be ahead by 250 votes now.

Look, there has always been a great deal of cynicism in our country where politicians are concerned.  I have always tried my damndest to ignore a popular phrase about teachers – “Those who can, do. Those who can’t, teach”  – I know for certain that liberal or conservative teacher, I would not be where I am today were it not for their tutilege.

I would not write this column today were it not for them.

Likewise, I would not be able to write this column were it not for politicians.

Had Roosevelt not teamed with Churchill, I might be speaking German or Russian.  I know there is value in our political process.

What I fear is that this cynical idea that “all politicians are corrupt” is about to become less cynicism and more a general rule.

If you are unhappy with the outcome of the election, demand a recount and just get appointed.

If you are disenchanted with the prosepect of facing an election, just get a corrupt politician to appoint some yahoo to the seat.

Essentially, ignore any rules.

I am reminded of the line from the Bogey film about not needing any “stinking badges”.

There is a corruption of process taking place in our country that I believe is yielding a corruption of the spirit, and a corruption of our people.

I believe that wild-eyed and arrogant radicals who grew up with a blatant disregard for anything holy (look at the sacrilege on Saturday Night Live – I reference it since it is on Mr. Franken’s resume) or a disregard for anything legal (not trusting “the man”) are essentially taking over the leadership roles.

Stealing them, really.

This should be obvious to any, and I do feel a bit sheepish about even mentioning it (it does not take a genius to see it, and merely stating the obvious is kind of useless).

But maybe we don’t always want to consider the obvious.

Consider this, however: when you hire that employee who has the credentials of a comedian and you put him to work and then later find he is incapable of doing the job, what have you done to your company?

Will you have a job in the future making such glaring mistakes in judgement?

We the people of this nation are the responsible “hiring managers” for those individuals sent to Washington to “mind the till”.

We are sending jokers to do it; jokers who will get there, by the way, but some perversion of the law.

When the confidence in the political system is completely shattered by liars, cheats and frauds who literally “grab” power through corrupt means, we will have nothing but criminals leading the country.

Right now, there is debate as to whether Harry Reid can pull some rabbit out of a hat where this Blago appointment is concerned (so in essence, while trying to do the right thing, it is not clear as to whether even Reid is breaking, or at least severely bending the law).

The observation has been that what we are going through as a nation is some sort of radical change, but stop a moment and look at what we are changing to.

We are becoming a nation where rules do not matter any more.

We will argue over the meaning of the word “is”, and twist it to suit our own needs.

When we do not accept the outcome of an election, we will bend the rules on a recount to change the outcome.

We will bring suit in courts.

Evil works this way.  Evil will bend reality to suit its needs.

When Satan was tempting our Lord and Savior, he used the things of this world to try and influence Jesus; but Christ was able to see through this smoke and mirrors to an alternate, and in fact “true” reality that was beyond what the devil offered.

He was able to recognize a victory through this manufactured version of reality – He was able to see the truth through the lies of Satan.

It may be a bit harsh to compare Obama, Blago, Franken (and others) to the devil himself, but consider this alternate that they offer, layed out here before us.

There are questions surrounding all.  Questions about their past affiliation, questions about their abilities to lead, questions about whether they really represent the “right stuff”, questions about how they got where they are today.

It is very difficult for this “hiring manager” to have any confidence in the system any more, and I believe that this may very well be one of their true objectives.

If they really are interested in a socialist economic system (which it seems they are) and if they are interested in radical change (which they say they are), then is it really too much a stretch to consider that they will then operate without any regard for rules?

As such, we become a nation rooted in anarchy, in blatant disregard for anything holy (like Jermiah Wright), or in anything legal (like this whole Blago/Rezco/Burris quagmire).

Nothing will matter beyond this. When our leaders bend and break rules, what are we then left with?

Like the 60’s and 70’s looting and riots will be the new rule of the day.  People will just do what the hell ever they want without regard to any rules or laws.

Ask youself, honestly:  is this not the true objective of radicalism? Remember the radical underground of the 60’s.  It was their mission to wreak havoc on decent society.  They perverted properity into what they percieved as evil (they would much rather have remained naked and high all the time).

It does not yield peace; it yields destruction.

Fundamentally, everyone knows we are at a crossroads.

It is my assertion that if we are to “come out the other side” with anything that approaches civilization, we will have to keep a true accounting of how it is we once did business when things were good for our nation.

The fact is, Roosevelt, Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush and now Obama were and are born of a nation of both men, and of rules.  It is true that men will follow their nature, but good men have choices; good men must choose a righteous, and not a riotous, path.

Like Christ, during His tribulation, He could have chosen that fantasy land drawn by the devil, but He chose the reality of righteousness.

We have to make hard choices here today, our leaders, and our selves; we must ask if we really want to choose the path of radical rule-breaking and base lawlessness.

Nothing about that resembles even remotely the nobility of the Greek Nation-State; nothing resembles the logic of a civil and stable nation; in point-of-fact, it only resembles some drunken rabble in a bar fight.

I for one do not want to be in a position to sweep that mess off my front lawn.

Rule-breaking and radical politics will only lead to a degradation of our society that may drive us to the point of living like base and unprincipled beasts.

When we can no longer trust our leaders, what started as cynicism, I believe, will turn ultimately to out-and-out rejection of process, of law, and of institution.

I deeply fear that the backlash will be horrific.

We are unravelling, and I believe it is time to re-visit our constitution, to revisit our rules, and do our dead-level damndest to get back to the great society that we once were.  Easy said.

We do that, I believe, by regaining respect for the law, and convincing our fellow man to abandon this path of lawless destruction.

It will be up to each and every one of us to demonstrate what “the high road” resembles.

May God walk with us all in our quest to challenge the lawless radicals, and again restore our nation to a proud and honorable stature.

I believe we owe at least that to ourselves, but then more, to our children.

I also believe that we are charged with upholding what those who came before us fought and died for; we must, on all counts, refrain from our “nation of men”, free-wheeling mentality, and get back to a nation of men who consider the spirit of the law, but fight like hell to maintain its hallowed principles that when applied yield an ordered, structured and peaceful life.

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