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The Sum Total of Totalitarian Reason

When you add it all up, it equals nothing.  Nill.  Zip.

To quote the liberal drug addicts “less, than zero”.

Their politics of gloom and doom and self-pious ignorance has reached a new zenith that surpasses the old zenith in terms of idiocy and of rediculous excuses for leadership.

In watching C-Span this morning I have witnessed commentators who try and beat up on Israel.

I have one question: how is Israel’s actions any different than our own.

A caller asked the question (democrat caller, of course; but I’ve seen several mindless Republicans too who have bought into all the negative PRess of the left) – he asks, how is it different in Israel than some hypothetical he proposes where we (the U.S.) would back China in a war against Tibet (where we send China missiles, money and the material neccessary for making war).

First, keep in mind that Tibet represents monks who say they are all about peace.  (I’m not certain that they are much different than Ghandi, who I would argue did as much to keep the pot stirred as to bring actual peace…but, I won’t tackle this for now – suffice it to say, I’ve seen the mentality in unionism in our country, and they do like to stir up hornet’s nests when things had been relatively peaceful, prosperous and harmonious).

But to compare the Tibetans to Hamas?  If anything, Hamas represents monks who say absolutely that they are not interested in peace, and publicly not only stir up the nest, but send fire into it (I’ve burned hornet’s nests before, and they tend to swarm – best advice is to use  along pole, or far-reaching missiles – oops, looks like they’ve already figured that one out).

It is one thing to be like Ghandi and stir up the society-at-large for some perception, individually-stylized percepction, of what constitutes peace (for me, it means no hornets, no nest, no stings, and most especially, no violent outbursts).

What really gaulds me most this morning is that CSPANS panelists tries to work in environmentalism some how (yesterday “an environmentalist” sais none of B.O.’s policies matter anyway as it is already “too late”).

This “audacity of hope” is unbelievable.

How idiotic when these geniuses see no alternatives.  It is already “too late” (what happened to all that talk a few years back about “terra-forming” how we will make environments on the surface of Mars (a truly globally-warm planet) – what happened to that?  What to happened to “man finds a way to exist under volumes and volumes of water and establish life there”, “he exists in space”, “he will migrate to planets” and now it is tranpslanted by “it’s over”.

Some audacity.

Across the board, they know they have lost their last-ditch effort at anything that approaches good sense.  It is they who have given up; not WE.

We the conservatives.

These MAGGOTS on the left have already conceded that the fight is over.  They are throwing in the towel.

I say, let Israel fight its wars.  We have our own to concentrate on.

As to the economy, we are at WAR.  Of course there is suffering (remember Rosey the Riveter?).

There is hope, but it will not come to fruition from these “doom-meisters” of the left; they have nothing left but to blame one another (and try like hell to pin it all on us).  Real mature, assholes.

It is time for conservativism to once again step in and try, try, try to bring some stability to a process that is completely out of control thanks to Democrat’s rule (I’ll go no further but to reference Acorn and White-water gate, both related to the housing industry, both dirty deals, and both involving a “host” of Democrats, many of whom have now again raised their ugly heads).

The wheeler-dealers are watching before their very eyes the reaping of what they have sewn.

As my former, almost daughter used to say “I’ll not be happy until everyone else is as miserable as me”; the fact is, in that statement, she actually thought she had some control over how I (and others) fell; it is the way of their fantasies (because they are hurting morally, they must drag everyone else into their communal pain); the individual must come to realize that happiness is derived from within, not without.

Misery do love company, so my attitude is, abandon the miserable.  Forget all you ever thought about compassioned conservativism.   Let the bastards wallow in their misery.

It is time for us to show them, in undisputable terms, that we will NOT be dragged into their self-delusional hell.

That God Almighty that the young lady whom I referenced earlier seems (from what I have heard) to be now doing well.  As bad as the torture of that former time was, I am very happy for her (and she is living proof that ALL is never lost until one gives up all, total and complete).

Stay in the by-god fight.  Now is the time to entrench against the liberal horde.  There can be no turning back, and no feeling sorry for their rat-bastard asses.  They have created this hell for themselves and now must mentally (and most likely forever) be relegated to it.

For us, we can still create our emulation of heaven – no utopia, granted, but at least there will be some hope of peace, and a return to prosperity.

God go with you Israel; may we remain allies in our fight eternally.

We, as conservatives, must take the same uphill road that Churchill once travelled.  WE are Churchill, and WE will rise from this ash pile created by gnat-brained liberals who are still coughing and snorting that a consensus on their misery has been reached.

Let the bastards eat powder-cake.

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