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An Observation on the Waning Days of “W”

I found it of great interest in today’s news that the Israeli’s have described themselves of late as somehow being “released”.

You get the feeling that the policies of President Bush have been keeping them boxed in.

Our promises to protect them with our missile shields (something the left still describes as hooplah) seem to have not been enough for them.

I can understand how they must feel.

I feel the same way under the looming shadow of Obamanation.

The prospect of subjugation is daunting.

Feels like the prospect of dodging falling missiles; or diving jet-liners.

For the two individuals killed in Israeli territory (for both were not Israelis), hundreds have lost their lives. I’m not placing judgement on this; I feel the same about the twin towers.  I’m also comfortable with Old Testament wrath, but wholly uncomfortable with where it ends.

Call it the Truman doctrine.  Kill thousands to save millions.


You know, I can not live with the prospect of a bunch of towel heads bombing my movie theaters and shopping malls.

I don’t really expect the Israelis to do that either.

But you know, for a missile shield that the left describes as somehow neutered, it sure did raise the dander of the Ruskies when we were trying our damndest to protect the Ukrainians, Poles and other sattlite nations from the Kremlin.  Some kind of a useless shield, huh?

You know, that missile shield could be likened in some small way as (at the very least) leaning into our “New Testament” doctrine; with it, we may turn the other cheek, yet still “as strong men” we will “arm ourselves to protect our homes” (also words of that wandering Jew we choose to follow).

Again, another example of the audacity of the left. Even things that work, they will describe as useless, and things that really exist, like weapons of mass destruction (read the third largest army in the world, jets buried in Syria, on-and-on, ad naseum) – this they describe as some sort of fantasy that did not really exist.

I guess there were never really any twin towers in New York in the first place.

I suppose the missiles that were lobbed into Israel were just figures of their now dismembered imaginations as well.

I wonder if the left would percieve a bullet if it passed right between their very eyes?  Well, perhaps they would, but only for a instant.

Then they would be relegated to some cloud in their marmalade skies, I suppose, playing a fiddle like Nero the Negro.

It is somehow very telling to me that some Israelis would feel that they are now unleashed.

The left would have you believe that President Bush’s policies were useless.

Now, it appears, it is only the left who is truly useless.

The world waits, Madam Secretary.  It awaits for you as well, Commandant Reid.

Perhaps you are too busy policing your own party.  Must be difficult, having to turn out Senators raised by the city that brought you your saviour.

Some power base.  Some leadership. Some saviour.

From my perspective, one needs to look at what is happening all around to see the contrast between real leadership, and leadership that is contrived.

The Israelis who were quoted have it right; they have been unleashed.

From my perspective, there is nothing and no one now who will put a lid back on the cauldron that is the mid-east.

You thugs on the left are true “pieces of work”.  Try and explain this one away.

You will be as neutered and useless as the Republicans who are now calling Bush a socialist for delving into funds he’d already appropriated to bail out the economy to now bail out the automotive industry.

I’m truly anxious to see how you magnificent excuses for bastards are goint to deal with a world in utter turmoil.

For me, I’m holding onto my money and my cards until another George Bush comes along.

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