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The Audaciousness of Sheer Survival

Stock markets plummet.

Some predict a 21st century depression (what a great start to the new millennium).

Wars rage in the holy lands.

Entire segments of the marketplace are on the verge of collapse (auto, housing).

Unions hold firm to their wages (and golf courses).

All, it would seem, is bleak (and not brightening up very much either, unless that is you are Joe Ironworker playing the eighteenth hole).

And what is offered from the left? “The Audacity of Hope”; inflated credit scores for first-time buyers via “ACORN” (small seeds, mighty oaks?); promises of helping “the working man”, but no offers of bailouts for any but the most prestigious among us.

So what do the spinmeisters in Hollyweird and DC Dreamland really leave us with?

I say it will come down to the audaciousness of sheer survival.

When you are up against it, and there is little hope (maybe none) – there is only one thing you can depend on – it is your God-given, God-inspired, God-conceived gut.

I fall back on the creed from my family crest “God, or no God, there is always God” (without respect to our own perceptions of His presence and divine works, He is (and they are), always, there.

In football we used to say “gotta ‘gut’ it out” – got to get through the gut-wrenching experience – gotta keep eye and heart focused on the game, and the steps it takes to victory; it is simple, and biblical: never turn, never deviate – always focus on His teachings.

Whatever it takes…press on! Ignore slogans and do what is right.

I don’t believe in mantras, I believe in God.

I believe that it is HIS armor that will get us through these difficulties (and not some manufactured bunch of malarky put together by so-called leaders who print money until it becomes completely worthless – if you don’t believe me, look at how the dollar is stacking up against the yen, or even better, against the ruble).

This is not our finest hour.

But just as I believe fervently in God, and that He will provide, I believe that He provides to those who are willing to help themselves (and I do NOT intend the bastardization of the concept in “help yourself”) – I mean REAL help, ala “pick yourself up by your bootstraps”, help.

I don’t know, exactly, what it will take, but I hear a few inklings coming from the maddening crowd; inklings I tend to think are spot on.

We have to get back to the basics. We have to cut our personal debt, which means making absolute, out-and-out war on the banks and credit card companies.

Do whatever it takes to get the balances paid off, and then begin saving our money.

To hell with retail collapse. It is this spending frenzy that got us into this mess in the first place (and our political leaders are obviously not going to take the high road – they are spending like drunken bandits – spending OUR tax dollar).

When everything is out of control, somebody has to step up and be responsible.

Somebody has to drag the needle across the record, stop the party and remind everyone what reality looks like.

As always, it will be up to us to be responsible; it looks altogether a “done-deal” that our incoming peerless leader will offer little more than platitudes and campaign slogans; unfortunately, his backers believe the party will simply go on forever.

Deep down, I look to see all of them covered in cheap wine and sleeping on the beach or in the gutter in the future.

I doubt seriously that any will be “captains of industry” for very long; one has to be industrious to be a captain of industry, and all I see coming from them is disgruntled hot air.

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One thought on “The Audaciousness of Sheer Survival

  1. I totally agree. Great Blog!

    Posted by Bill Cash | December 31, 2008, 11:48 pm

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