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Let Them Eat Green

There is a cavalier attitude that exists amongst the strategists, spin-doktors and out-and-out propagandists that anyone who dare disagree with them should be shunned as village idiots, unworthy of audience with the powers-elect.

The world, it would seem, is responding.

One can not take a callous attitude toward people and expect the outcome to be rosey.

There are those who should likened to Marie Antoinette in this attitude; they incessantly act as though any who are in opposition to their “hypothesis” about global warming or the economy are worse than idiots.  They try and treat their detractors using the same tactics they have used against President Bush and all-the-while practicing laissez-faire politik.

Just discount us as idiots.

Well, we are not idiots.

We can see, as plain as the noses on our faces, that the ice caps are not melting.

For years The Precipice has likened Al Gore to Chicken Little.  Well, the sky is not falling (yet).

I’m more worried about nukes raining down on us than acid.

It is obvious to any who bother to look outside their windows that the environmental gloom and doom that has been predicted just does not seem to have transpired, or to wit, be in process of transpiring.

Rather than continue to beat this dead or dying horse, it is time to concentrate on some real global warming issues – like Hamas, or Bin Laden, or Afghanistan.

It is time to consider the global economic meltdown that has taken place (I will add, thanks in some part, to a Democrat-controlled Congress).

In this instance, I think do see something that looks like a melting of ice taking place, and the whole country is beginning to smell like fish.

From Blago to Obama, from Pelosi to Reed – here is where the sky is really falling.

Oh, and by-the-way workers of the world — you have George W. Bush to thank for pulling your sorry butts out of the hole.  By dipping into moneys he’d already appropriated, he has managed to salvage your sinking automotive industry (and your lead butts have not helped keep the boat afloat, either).

So, here’s a suggestion: while you are out there your golf course, be sure and tip a round to the one guy who did something to help the nation-on-the-whole (as it happens, you are included in that mix).

While you are enjoying your round of golf, the rest of us will be out here working to pay our bills and maybe EARN enough to work in a round or two ourselves, once in a great while.

Of course, that is, if we can work it in around all the bitter cold, snow and ice that has resulted from all this global warming that is taking place.


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