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To the woodshed, “Andge”, Ope

and, you too, “Funzerelli”…

If you don’t think they oughtta be horse-whipped out behind the barn after watching this, then you apparently did not learn the lesson of the episode (remember the kid with the temper-tantrums – today, we call him, simply, liberal).

You know, growing up in the South, I’ve known so many who look at Mayberry as if it is a modern-day, video bible.  I’ve even seen that there is a bible study taught using episodes as a guide, or parallel to the holy writ.

All those so-called “morals” so aptly taught there.  Just remember – this is the morality of Hollywood in its infancy.  Do you really want to call television and its morals your own, personal savior?

It is a akin to “faction”, mixing this world with God’s holy realm.

I was raised Methodist, and I do know we have to live in this world.  But I am also equally certain that God’s world is nothing like this one.  It is OK, I think, to recognize parallels, but I think one should always remember that it is NOT us who ultimately defines good.  Keeping that perspective, I think, can keep us humble in the eyes of God, and perhaps, even with all of mankind (although, I am not altogether certain as to whether the libs should be included as a part of mankind).

Now where is my copy of King James?  I want to be sure and read it the next time Andy Griffith is the “background noise” in my home of homes.


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