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The God-less Man Leaves Yale

There is somewhat of a seeming paradigm shift that takes place when the son of a conservative icon jumps ship as did Christopher Buckley.

It is, of course, troubling.

Two of the best books I’ve read and that have gone far to shape my political beliefs are “God and Man at Yale” and “Up From Liberalism”.  Your Father, Sir, was an immortal great in my view of things.

When I hold this event in the light of how many of my generation that I have witnessed selling their father’s farms, I suppose I can understand (I wouldn’t do it myself, but I understand the motives).

Poor bastard’s gotta get by somehow, I suppose.

Greed and rebellion seem to play a part (and you have joined with the vestige of that stellar generation who turned from their parents – those peace-lovin’ hippies).  Guess it just figures, eh?

Perhaps, though, it is ideological, as you assert.

For me, I think Obama makes McCain look like Churchill in comparison. I do not think, even in the least, that Obama could possibly turn right, and worse, I do not think he will turn to the center.

He is a radical leftist. He is surrounded by radical leftists. They only seek the fulfillment of their agenda (and to hell with the costs).

You can see it in their cavalier attitudes (reference his “dis” of Mrs. Reagan).

Gay marriage, post-birth abortion, emasculation, knee-pad pacifism – you name it, these guys are all-about-it.

I am happy that as an individual, they will never bring me to my knees.  I will not sell my soul to their devilish way.

But, you want to know what troubles me the most Mr. Buckley? In your fifth “answer” in the Financial Times, when asked if the GOP can separate itself from religion, you state that, and I quote

“CB: This is a key question, to which I very much hope that the answer is yes. Remember what Burke said (I shall now proceed to misquote him): “I believe neither in permanent defeats or permanent victories.” My late father (WFB, Jr) once said to me, “I have spent my entire life trying to separate the Right from the kooks. Let’s hope the next WFB, whoever he may be, will be successful.”

It appears from your answer that you agree with those who would like to separate “God from man” (as those stinking Yaleys your Father wrote about in the 1950’s).

And you wish to assert that the “kooks” have taken over the Right?

I would assert that God has abandoned the “kooks” in your “perceived” world of academia and all that rates as intellectual (now that the Nobel prize has been reduced to the People’s Choice award chosen by those people who watch “Big Brother” and reality TV – is it really any wonder that intellectualism in your hearts has died right along with any recognition of the Almighty).

I will tell you in no uncertain terms that I believe you and your ilk have aligned yourselves with your own version of the golden calf.  This calf, unlike Baal, has no identity of his own; he is as nondescript, pale and white-washed as Warhol’s anemic, albino ass.

I’m am praying with all my heart that you SOB’s are truly limited to 15 minutes in the sun (the truth of daylight would probably seer your heartless souls).

Oh, I know what you are all thinking “here goes another one of those simpletons, clinging to his guns and his bible”…

But, I tell you, you rotten SOB’s – I have not forgotten what is important.

God is still a part of my life (even if He may in fact be boarding the last train departing D.C.).

It is one thing for you to turn your back on the Grand Old Party as you have so done in such grand scale…but to even turn against our God? What could possible befall a man?

This slithers below even the bottom-crawling belly of what constitutes the low mark of the profane.

There can be no doubt in my mind that there must a challenge to you, and to those with whom you align yourself – and I am most willing to meet that challenge.

I for one know in my heart that righteousness will prevail in the face of the haughty hordes of those leftist hate mongers, those among the God-less baby killers.

Smile now, you ingrates.  Your day is coming.

God may have left Yale in the 1950’s, but He still prevails in the hearts of the Huckabee’s, the Palins, the Bush’s, the Nixon’s and the Reagans (and, by-God, me).

I tell you in no uncertain terms, He prevails in my heart, and the heart of my party.

While you can laugh as you turn your back on the GOP (and apparently on God as well), you must never forget that our principles start with our beliefs.

I am not ashamed of my religion, but I am ashamed of those who pervert it so.

Conservative (and even Capitalist) principles find a heart and soul in the Holy Bible.

We are taught how to handle our money, how to treat our fellow man, and why it is so important to remain faithful and never turn our backs on our creator, or our friends.

What you have done is representative of what I believe to be the character of those you join.

You are in good company, Mr. Buckley.

It is my sincere hope that you remain there in your self-made purgatory with the ranks of the Rockefellers, the Hillary Rodham-Clintons, and the Benedict Arnolds (all turn-coats in their own right).

There can be no rest for those who turn against all that is principled, all that is Holy and all that is kin.

So, Mr. Buckley, I will cling to my daddy’s farm.  I will cling to my dog-eared bible, and to the well-worn clips that have cycled through my guns like atoms in chain reaction.

You and yours have already proven your mettle.

While you and yours may have abandoned your principles and your God, it is my sincere prayer that God never abandon you as the anointed “leaders” of my beloved country.

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