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My impression of the debate

Was that a debate?

Well, we now know that BO will solve all our problems by taxing the crap out of people who just had all their taxes robbed to go pay off a bunch of irresponsible real-estate investors (banks, politicians (Barney Frank, BO, Charlie Rangel) – and now he’s gonna give us all free health care, and go fight that mean, ol’ Osama.

Obama vs. Osama in a “Pah kee stainee” (did you notice how he pronounced it?) death match. Get your tickets. By the way, they are free, just as soon as you empty your pockets to pay your taxes.

O vs O.

Hell, stick around, we’ll even get Oprah involved. Yeah, she can wear a big old thong bikini and parade around “Pah kee stain” with big placards that read “B.O. for the K.O. : come see us really stink up the joint”.

Go McCain!

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