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I come from a certain small town, in a certain small state that a few of you are certain to know (or think you know) just…certainly, where that is.

What I come to talk about is a mindset.

A certain leader from this certain state is certain that we are going down the road of socialism through the government bailout of the financial institutions.

In the past few weeks, I’ve heard it explained that the lobbyists in Washington did a number in order to perserve these institutions against similar institutions in the world economy that do not have to operate under the same sets of rules that do our (America’s) institutions since the great depression (to avoid another collapse).

This particular politician states that it would be wrong to nationalize these institutions (something I am dead-set against, too, but don’t have another answer at the moment – it is kinda time for “Posse Comitatus”).

But his argument falls apart when he states that in so doing, we will not be able to fund certain other government bodies, which I would argue are socialist in and of themselves. It is the pot calling the kettle black.

Nationalizing temporarily in time of emergency is far different than these socialized medical and “humanitarian” inefficient agencies that are most certainly in themselves socialist.

How many times did Reagan say “off our backs, and out of our pocket books”?

I agree.

Get the fascists out of our economy.

If the world goes to hell in a handbasket right along with our economy, let the world realize that by not playing by the rules we set up during our great depression to avoid a catastorphe, they risk the same catastrophe.

Any kind of socialism, or fascism, is the absolute shits. It is one set of individuals exercising control over another, and it is totally stalinist; Kruschev with his damned shoe.

It sucks.

It is big brother, coming to tell us what is best for us.

Get the hell out of my living room, you pigs.

I don’t want you to scream on the one hand how you will not be able to fund certain programs, while on the other scream that you won’t be able to avoid the meltdown by bailing out the scum-sucking, greedy SOB’s who created it.

Get off your sorry asses and realize that YOU created it all by your rediculous socialist agendas.  Your programs suck, just like your idiotic managerial style.

You can pontificate till the cows come home, but it ain’t gonna change the facts.

The world simply does not play by your silly-assed rules.

The world lives by the rule of the jungle.

When our forefathers forged this country, they did so through a new style of warfare brought to us by the hessians.  It was a style that did not follow the rank and file of the British “gentlemen”.

They shot from behind trees and picked off the rank and file like they were turkey.

The rest of the world has been doing that to our economy.

Screw the rest of the world.

It is now down to the nut-cutting.

It is America for Americans.

You wanna survive?

Forget about the God-foresaken socialist programs.  We are CAPITALISTS!!!

Get that through your stinking, thick skulls.

To hell with funding those social programs you are so worried about.

Screw anybody who ain’t gonna pick up and work.

Screw anybody (and I mean to the wall) who ain’t gonna pitch in.

It is time to forget about the lobbies, and the social agendas.  It is time to think about survivability.

To hell with foreign markets, and foreign wars (I don’t mean that, in total; we still have to keep an eye on the Russians, the Iranians, the Pakistanis, Kurds, Afghans and others); but what I mean is, let’s think about us first.

These sons-a-bitches elsewhere in the world, they didn’t fight like hell from behind trees and every by-God where else to forge and preserve a constitution.  Our constitution does not pretain to them, it pretains to the rotten bastards who bled for it, and even died for it.

But more, it pretains to every one of us who is here to LIVE for it.

Let’s make this life something worth living for every one of those sons-a-bitches who died fighting to preserve it.

Let’s do what we can to preserve it!

To hell with the fuzzy French, and to hell with the by-God Brits (and every one of their European allies) – they gonna bail out Detroit?  They gonna bail out Bear-Stearns?

The Japanese are showing their solidarity to us, and there are others as well, and I for one truly appreciate it.

But by-God, when it come down to it, it ain’t about them, it is about us.

What the hell are we going to do to come out of this mess.

Well, I’ll tell ya, by God, the first thing is, forget about the God-foresaken, socialist programs.

Bump up our military (for we are wounded, and everyone knows the wolves pounce on the wounded); stimulate our economy, any by-God way you can, and cut the living hell out of government-sponsored “programs”.

Cut the damned expenses to education – they are making idiots out of our people anyway.

Cut the welfare programs.  If they don’t like it, let them go someplace where the people are really starving.

Cut the shit out of the lousy DMV – hell, those bastards don’t do anything but give everyone a hard time.

Cut ATF – shit, who needs to regulate hooch, guns and backer?  The Russians will kill us a lot quicker than they will. And besides, we’ll need the guns and the booze to fight the bastards.

It is high time to put an end to the pontificating SOB’s on the left, with all their green-headed “the gas shortage is good cause it saves the planet” attitudes.

What good is a planet without a freedom-loving country like America?

We gotta fight to preserve what is ours.  To hell with what the SOB’s on the left think…it is their bullshit that got us into this mess, with free-wheeling attitudes like Bill Clinton.

Sex, drugs and rock-n-roll.  Hell yeah, look where it’s gotten us.  Right in the frickin’ sewer along with Jim Morrison’s leather britches (filthy pig).

I’m sick and damned tired of their cavalier attitudes toward our freedom.  They talk revolt, what are they revolting from?  Revolting leather pants that are plum full of shit?

I say “Eat Shit, Nancy Pelosi”…it is time to take our country back, and I don’t give a damn how we do it.

We gotta get this train back on the tracks, and I don’t give a shit what kinds of extreme measures it takes to do it.

If you ain’t with us, you are against us, and you better get the hell outta this train’s way, ’cause it will roll over your sorry, liberal, free-wheeling asses.

Peace out, you lousey bitches!

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