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A (disastrous) Study in Contrasts

Two news stories caught my eye during the recent crisis with the hurricanes.

One involved the loyal citizens who were standing in lines to get on buses to evacuate the area before the hurricane hit.  Now, I commend the government for providing the buses, and even for allowing for them to bring their dogs along (apparently a major reason people did not leave during Katrina).

I suppose from this dog-loving, tax-paying citizen’s mind, it is just.

But here’s the beef (oh brother)…do we really have to provide the dogs with doggie xanax to relieve their nerves?

And just who are these loyal citizens standing in line to get these free meds for their pooches?

Well, here’s the other side of the coin.  Did you hear about the guy who walked (yes, that’s right WALKED) out of harms way?

Seems that during the driving rain, his cell phone was ruined, but he pressed on and walked far enough inland to avoid the storm.

Now, let’s see – what did that cost the taxpaying citizens of the U.S. ?


This contrast is similar when comparing US soldiers to Hollywood stars.  Get the picture?

One would slog through mud and blood to protect his country, while the other would sling mud and bleed the country dry by “demanding” fair treatment for their spoiled pooches.


Well, you wanna know what I think?  I think the dogs would have probably been better off to follow their natural instincts to run (or walk) for the hills.  Hell, their masters could have even followed them and saved on bus fuel.

But then, I’m a heartless Republican with no soul.

How dare I challenge the status quo?

My, my.

What’s next?  Shall we treat the depressed fleas on the dog’s back with zolaf?  Perhaps there is a critter on the flea’s back we’d better attend next.

You know, I really do not want to pick on the country’s dispossessed, especially at a time like this, but come on.  This is beyond incredulous.

This country would be in a whole, whole lot better shape if they followed the lead of the industrious gent who took the noble route and walked to safety.

What’s say we all chip in and buy him a new cell phone?

Now, there is a leader who inspires.

Too bad the cool aide set just doesn’t get it.  Right now, they are all going to the dogs, right along with their peerless leader.

Perhaps they will “get it” at the polls come November when this dog fight is finally ended.

One can only hope.

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