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No luv, Mr. Funk ‘n stuff, yo funk gi’ no rest

Could pick on Pelosi…don’t feel like it.

I’m just not all that intersted in Mr. Obama…sorry, but all this hype over a Veep – man, I’m just bored (so what if it is that plagiarizer Biden, or if it’s Hillary again (referring to the Co-Presidency for those of you in El Segundo).


Don’t feel like talking about any of that.

Not even interested in the right, esteemed Mr. Michael Moore’s call for Caroline Kennedy as B.O.’s running “mate”.

Nope…even ol’ Moore can’t get me riled enough to write.

What I’m interested in, is that old electric sting cowboy pedophiliac cinamatographer of child rape scenes.

That’s right, Mr. Robert (creepy Bob) Redford (brings a whole, new meaning to “love story”).


Seems ol’ Bobby-boy thinks that should Obama lose (wow – somebody on the left is actually considering that?)…

But, should he lose, then ol’ Redford thinks it will spell the end of the Demonratic party (whooo-hoooo).

To quote a real Hollywood cowboy actor – “like hell”.

(Thanks, Duke).

Redford, the only reason you say this is to garner some sort of sympathy — trying to create an underdog mentality so some will vote for Mr. European Body Odor.

Listen fellas – what this really boils down to is that you are ALL stinkin up the place.

Redford, with his “less than zero” morality; you, Obama, with your PhD mastery of the fine arts of B.S.

Who do you guys really think you are fooling?

Biden?  Come on.  Get real.

How many times has Biden been in the spotlight only to ultimately bring the curtain down on your chances?



Holy Toledos, nail down all the lamps in the White House now cause she will be throwing all of them (you better keep that pretty wife of yours out of the way, BO, cause if she and Hill-baby go at it, Katey bar the door).

Oh Lord, what we have to look forward to should you win.

Sure, you’ll save the Demonratic party, but in the process of your party, you’ll lose the whole state.

The barbarians are at the gate, for real, Mr. B.O.

You really think your “funk” is going to drive them away?


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