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See, I am a “told ya so”



You wanna know what else?  I happened across a friend’s web site (no more shameless plugs)…but I was reading through his stories, I noted one that earlier caught my eye back in April.  He was obviously inspired by the same news story I had read that month about the Soviets and their exploits in the Antarctic/Arctic.

He knew back then they were up to no-good.  Everyone knows the poles are strategic for two reasons: what lies under them, and what can fly over them (the fastest way to get from Moscow to points West (ie. NY, Chicago, Philly) is to lob one right over the Northern Lights, boy, with some pepper on it, as they used to say on the baseball diamond, some thermonuclear pepper).

And just today, the Russians are all “peeved” cause the Poles (that’s Polish, not Polar Poles) have signed on to buy Mr. Reagan’s Star Wars technology from us (and really implement it too).

You know, it is really a training package as well as hardware, don’t you?  We WILL have civilians over there teaching them how to use it, helping them monitor it, keep it in working order…etc., etc.

You guys gonna blame that one on Bush too?

I suppose you would’ve just kissed the Russian’s ass the way your boy Obama has been “over there” sucking up to the Swedes and Germans and French and all, huh?

Well, well, well.

It is really easy, I suppose, for you to sit in your ivory towers and talk about what might have been if only your boys and girls were running the show.

Wait a minute!

They are running the show (reference what this article started out talking about).

Pelosi is at the helm (sort of); and definitely so where war funding is concerned.

I suppose, that is, when she’s not sucking up to her loyal constituents out there in hippie-ville, USA (that’s San Francisco to you publicly-uneducated boys and girls in Liberaltown).

So there ya go.

Blame it on Bush, you so-and-so’s, but you really ain’t about helping out our country, now are you?

Last week you gave us hope, Madame Speaker, and just like I suspected, you blithely and callously pull the rug out.

Well, well, well.  Your true colors.

They just don’t seem to be Red, White and Blue.

Opportunity is at the gate, and what do you do?

Only today I read in what I was taught in Journalism school was one of the most unbiased papers in the country (taught by bona fide journalism professors, and in a bona fide journalism school).

Myth #1: We know how much oil there is. Opponents of offshore drilling frequently cite a report by the Department of Energy saying that, according to the Interior Department’s Minerals Management Service, there are “only” about 18 billion barrels of technically recoverable oil in the currently off-limits Pacific, Atlantic, and eastern Gulf regions. (This is different from the recent US Geological Survey report that estimated that there are 90 billion barrels in the Arctic Circle.) Extracting that oil from those regions, the report says, “would not have a significant impact on domestic crude oil and natural gas production or prices before 2030.” As a Tuesday editorial in the Washington Post points out, the MMS arrived at those estimates using seismic equipment that is now outdated:
##Quoted from The Christian Science Monitor, Green Blog “Four Offshore-drilling Myths” This (and the rest of the Green Blog) are MUST READS!!!!  Go on over and find out not only how much oil they now think, using modern equipment, is actually there, but further, how much oil is elsewhere in our domain, and further, how much we’ve cut back on our usage of late!!! Hell, it’s a wonder there is not already a world-wide glut.

Note, please, when you read these, HOW the CSM reports…just like Fox News’ mantra (which I might add, I think one with which they follow through) – “We report, you decide“…the CSM is laying out the facts “it won’t be OUR oil (note what the Republican bill says about this, as reported in the same news source, next-to-last paragraph)”, for instance – of course, had the Precipice been writing the article, we would have pointed out that even though it won’t, technically, be OURS, we will still be flooding the market with oil, which will, in accord with Reagonomics (which I might add, was simply called supply-side when I was in college way back in the Carter years) – but anyway, it will have the effect of driving prices down even if sold world-wide…which is what we want…for a while, anyway.

I mean, hell, look what just “talking” about drilling has done to the prices…and not only that – have you noticed what has been happening with the dollar the last couple of days?  hmmmm…now what do you suppose is up with that?  Maybe President Bush has been onto something this whole time he has been digging in his heels, huh?

This time around, though, should we buy that breathing room, we really do have to get serious about alternative sources for all our energy needs, and not for the environment either, but rather, to keep us strong, and prepared!

We need alternative fuel for our space ambitions; we need it to remain strong in case there really is another world war (a seemingly “looming” prospect at this very moment in time).

Let me put it to you this way.

If one butterfly way, way over on the other side of the planet starts flapping its wings…sure, theory holds that it “could” have an effect on a gathering storm way down in the gulf of Mexico…it just might be the extra “umph” the storm needed to begin an inland journey. Who the hell knows?  Chaos theory sounds as reasonable as evolution and relativity and flight and a ton of other theories that may or may not have been completely proven and grown up to be laws as yet (and yet we operate on those theories every day, and they sometimes seem to work for us – that theory of flight has been working pretty good for us, huh?).

But now, think of this…what if a hundred butterflies are flapping their wings? A thousand butterflies?

First Russia moves on Georgia (and is right now threatening the Ukraine).  Flap, flap, flap.

What if North Korea began movements on the South?  How ’bout Syria and Egypt on Israel?  or Iran on Israel? China on Taiwan, or even they on South Korea?

How ’bout this…America, what if Pakistan and India begin to duke it out (and we are now based in that part of the world, remember…over there trying to smoke out Bin Laden)?  Guess we don’t have to speculate on that one any more, huh?

Here’s another I’d bet no one (save those glorious bastards in the CIA) has thought about: what if STATES begin to decide to secede?  What then?  Now, there is a real mess. A big one (and in my mind, not that far-fetched when you are dealing with Madame “No Drill, No Spill” Pelosi).

Well, here’s how I see it from up here on the Precipice…we have got to get that oil out of the ground.  If we do not Nationalize our oil industry (and I too am opposed to that idea in anything but an extreme and justified emergency situation – you know, like the threat of world war), then by-God, let’s use our infrastructure to make an oil mogul out of some shit-head in El Segundo, California.  Make him CEO of a newly formed, and newly chartered “American Oil Company” – find some wino named JD Rockeysmeller and make him the King of American Oil…then donate all the taxes we can muster for him to begin drilling oil and selling it right here at home.

To hell with Nationalizing Mobil, or BP, or any of the rest of the bastards.  AND, if they want to do business on American soil, FINE – tax the shit out of them with tariffs for foreign companies doing business on our soil – then turn that over to old JD.

Sure, I know, it is still Nationalization of an industry (through the back door), and it do violate the rules of “free market enterprise” – but desperate times require desperate measures (and this is one way around Nationalizing Mobil, Exxon and BP – give them a manufactured competitor, of sorts).

Let’s just stop everything in its tracks where the world is concerned.  You think the Europeans really care about the strength of the dollar?  How ’bout the Russians?

Ordinarily, I am not a proponent of Isolationism, but suddenly, I see bad things happening in the world. A lot of butterflies flapping their wings lately.

It’s kind of like a big riot out on the playground.  You can either get caught up in the fray and bloody and get bloodied, or your can swat one of your friends in the shoulder, hit the dirt, crawl out on your hands and knees, find high ground, form up as an army, and then attack the scalawags down there beating the crap out of each other.  They will never see what hit them.

What will happen is, you will effectively re-establish peace.  Then, you see, you can begin building yet another civilization that will one day be destined for a big riot on the playground again (let’s face it, people just were not meant to live together; think neighborhood association here).

Anyhow, that’s my two-cents worth from way up here looking down on everything and everybody.

Make of it what you will, but understand, we need to do SOMETHING besides chant mantras like “NO DRILL, NO SPILL”.

We need to take care of business.

American business!



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