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Last post (perhaps)

Set you to thinkin’, my loyal, 342.

Let me tell you what you constitute, if I may.

You see, I’m computer literate. I basically “know who you are”…if knowing who you are constitutes the web pages you visit, the operating systems you use, and how long you’ve stayed at my web site, once you’ve come home here to visit and “sit a spell”.

Not to break your heart or anything, but I’m really not all that interested.

You see, I don’t write for your sake (if you hadn’t already picked up on that) – I write for my own…to keep my sanity when all about seem to be losing theirs.

Case in point.

Did you know that your country dispatched ships (just today) in order to stake the claims to her (our) territory in the Antarctic?

Don’t know whether you caught the story a few month’s back, but Mother Russia basically sent the KGB’s PR wing abroad to tell ever-body that they are claiming the whole gol-darned Antarctic as their very own.

That’s right.

Mother Russian soil.

Now why, do you suppose, we dispatched our ships today, in light of the recent news in Georgia?

You know, I stepped out on my front veranda a while ago, and took my trusty binoculars and peered on the Sea of Tranquility.

You might remember that we have a flag flying there (not unlike Commodore Perry’s).  You see, I live at the very base of the Mountains, and there are NO city lights here.  The evening moon looks just like ol’ Sol here, nestled in my little valley hideaway.

Last count, I believe we have at least six others in exotic places like Stäntgren (Ranger 4), Albufeda (Apollo 16) and Autolycus (Apollo 15)…exotic, huh?  Scarey, and dangerous too, I’d bet.

A few Apollo pilots I remember (my helmet’s off to you Gus Grissom) lost their lives in the quest.

Took a lot of gumption to plant an American flag there, on those United States bases, so far, far away.  A lot of sweat.  A lot of blood.

I’d say a few fellers lost their lives trying to get to the North Pole too.  But you know what?  We did it.

American gumption.

WE did it.



We the people.

Now, we are standing around with our proverbial peckers in our hands, and we are watching Ms. Pelosi and her merry band of brethren throw the entire stinkin’ country away because she thinks men are evil.  She thinks men are killing the environment.

All this time she is spending up there in Washington, a thinkin’ and all…the damned Russians are gettin’ frisky.

Guess you heard the call they issued to the Ukraine today?

It’s a place kinda close to my heart.  I kinda fell in love with a girl from over there once.  Talked to her on the phone and everything.  Got cold feet at the last minute…but she sure was special.  And human too.  Real nice, Christian girl.

I wonder where she is right now?  Svitlana, you child-woman…are you listening, dear?

I hope she is safe.

Cause Mother Russia done told her today that she’d better not be gettin too cozy with us devil Americans (mean, old men…sound familiar?).

Like Hitler, Putin is poised to march on them next?  Then what?  Will the Iranians march on the holy lands?  Will we then be motivated to stand our ground in places (not so remote) that actually require “standing” to hold (like we can actually “hold” Tranquility base).

What will it take, Madame Speaker?  What will it take until you stand up not only for America, but for the commitments we have made to our allies in the world?

Did they not stand up for us when we were fighting our war in Iraq?  In our ongoing struggle in the Afghan hills?

And what of Pakistan and India?  Their war is heating up again.

It sounds like we got a bunch of little old fires flashing up all over the globe?

Maybe we just need to wait around until the Iranians reach critical “mass” (and provide extinction to all the rats of the world, including (but not limited to) you Demonrats).

What will we do, Madam Speaker?

Perhaps, chant another mantra about mean, old, evil men?


Sounds like people are dying now, Madam Speaker, and all under your watchful eye.

How many times have I heard “the Russians aren’t dangerous.  Reagan broke their backs.  Not a problem for us”.

You remember Bonaparte, don’t you.

He lost his Empire in two fatal strategic mistakes: He fought the Russians in Winter, AND he split his forces.

Already our forces are in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Already, we are split.

What’s next Madam Speaker?  Another mantra?

Give me a break.  When are the men gonna step up to the plate and do what is necessary?

We gonna rely on your old friend Barrack (what’s that old song again…”say, have you seen my old friend John”?).

You know what.  The time for tear-jerkin’, hippie-assed songs is plumb over. The time for “Dear old John” and his freakin moon bases is over (what, we gonna fight with golf clubs up there in zero gravity?  Give me a break.  Two men with clubs swattin’ at each other on the moon…hell, we got troubles here on Earth).

Like slant drilling from Cuba.  Heard about that one?  The Russians are negotiating with the Castro Brothers for rights to drill into Florida.  Hell, they’ll have the Everglades before Disney World even knows what hits it (so much for Magic Mountain).

It is time for action that should have taken place back in the time of our old friend James Earl Carter, speaking of hippie-assed “old friends”.

No more pacifism.  It’s getting too many good soldiers killed.

It’s time for action.

We have to claim what is ours.

Mr. President, I applaud you for dispatching our ships to the Antarctic today.

I applaud you for sending “aid” to Georgia.

I will applaud you even further tomorrow when you restate our commitment to our allies in the Ukraine (God go with you, Svitlana!  God go with you.).

It is time America takes its place in the world as a friend, and not as a thievin’, blue-blooded, Aristocratic Yankee hord.

We good ol’ boys believe in stickin’ by them that have stuck by us.

Now, to quote the bard, “let’s get her done”!

PostScript: you may wonder why this is my last (potential) post:  it would seem that the good people in Congress (thank you, Madame Pelosi) have taken it upon themselves to extend the debate concerning new regulations on the so-called “fairness doctrine” which will limit people like Rush LImbaugh and Neil Bortz to providing “equal time” to people like Al Franken (who can’t make it in a legitimate playing field and have to have it “leveled” so that they can play on it too) —

But, anyway, looks like Congress is going to extend it to we bloggers as well…which means I will no longer be able to speak my mind to you, my loyal 342.

I urge you.

Don’t write your Congresswoman (she’s an ill-tempered so-and-so)…no…don’t write her.

March on Washington loyal 342 –  and tell them what you really think about “free” speech.

Cause it just don’t seem to be so free down here on Al Gore’s internet anymore.

Get a clue, Junior.  Don’t buy the farm!


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