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“It’s a trick”

Call me crazy, but for some, strange reason, the line is stuck in my head.

As you can probably tell from a couple of my previous columns, I am somewhat the fan of Westerns.

I ask you, loyal readership, how many times have you heard that line in movies?

How many times have you gotten to a suspenseful moment and thought the line in your head?

I feel as though we are at that point in real life when “No Drill, No Spill” Pelosi sais she is ready to negotiate on offshore drilling.

Have you ever tried to negotiate with a snake?  How ’bout a bear (and yes, I am making a veiled reference to the Russians and their recent antics in Georgia)?

Well I have.  I have negotiated trails in the mountains when bears were blocking them.  I’ve hearded them the same way that I’ve hearded our cattle down on the farm.

I’ve negotiated trails where snakes were blocking my path by climbing up ridges to avoid and go round them.

I know what it is like to deal with wild beasts in their elements (The Great Smoky Mountains).  It ain’t a picnic, but it IS do-able.

I’m not so certain I can say the same thing about negotiating with Frau Pelosi.

I’m not going to kid you, I’m scared of this woman.  I mean, for heaven’s sake, she has negotiated with the Syrians (rattlers don’t scare me like they do…or, should I say, instill a healthy dose of respect).

I know what they can do with their armies.  I’ve known what Russia can do.  Listen, never, ever discount your enemy.

“Now, hold on,” you might say…”Nancy Pelosi ain’t our enemy.”

Well cuz, you just may be right.  But then again, we are talking the lady who chanted the “No Drill, No Spill” mantra while Rome was effectively on fire (sorry, Cicero, but our gas prices are burning up our economy).

So, all I am saying, is give Prudence a chance.

(My apologies to Geo I – or, is that “42” ?).

Honestly, is it prudent to blithely listen to a speaker who only a week ago was digging in her heels?  Now she is willing to listen to what our side thinks?

You must understand that when I hearded those old she bar up on the mountain, I always had a plan of retreat…there were ridges I would jump off of (bears hate following you down steep ridges)…with the snakes, I had my trusty razor in my pack…not to mention, I know how to meditate and slow down my heart when I hike (seriously, I do).

It’s still crazy.

Herding bears, and negotiating with snakes. It is madness, and can just flat ruin your day.


Now, I DO know that Senator Pelosi is not REALLY a snake…BUT…I never took any chances with Rattlers, and I honestly hope our esteemed REPUBLICAN Senators do not take any chances with her.

In SPITE of what oil prices do in the next week, we MUST press forward with drilling.

If we should have to fight a world war, we need our independence now more than ever.

So all I’m saying, boys — just remember which end is the business end of the bear, or the snake (and have a big Precipice to jump off of should you get into any real trouble you may not be completely ARMED to handle).


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