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Speaking of Celebrity Cat Fights – MEOW

In case you missed it during all the brooha with Ms. Paris Hilton, it seems that modern-day Erol Flynn of the Demonratic Booster club from the Actor’s Union, the one-and-only Mr. Ocean’s Eleven, Geo. C – Looney will be hosting another HO fest for all the Euro-trash in Sweden.

That’s right…they are holding a fundrasier for BO-HO (best acronym I know for a stinky, gank HO) over in Sweden (not even on American soil).

Now the Europeans are helping elect our President.  Mr. Man-of-the-World.

How does it feel, America…now that your country ain’t even yours any more?  You did read my column about the Muslims taking over that Tyson Chicken plant in some small Tennessee town, I hope?  The one where they voted to do away with Labor day in favor of Ramadan?

Like a Rolling Stone?

I don’t know about you, but I feel like I’ve been rolled over by a stoned hippie-Sheik named Barrack Hussein Obama.

Here we have Paris Hilton taking time off from her home-made porno films to make her own political commercial for President, and Looney-Clooney and Obama over-seas taking money from foreigners to try and buy the Presidency.

There can be no question that the world has gone to hell in a handbasket, and hollywood is whipping the horse upon which we ride.

And what to do?

The more of this crap that goes on over on the left, the better John McCain looks to me.  I’m willing to forgive all past transgressions (and maybe even offer credit on future ones).

It is a sad state of affairs when America is dumbed-down to the point where they are willing to lend even an ear lobe to such a man as Obama, especially when he is “proffing his wares” over in Europe.

If this guy is elected, we might as well consider the struggle over…home-made porn will be the new reality TV, but instead of a show starring Flav-ah-Flav, Bridgette Nelson or Paris Hilton, this one will star each one of us.

We will be the hapless victims who wondered onto the set by accident and got raped.  You might-as-well get yourselves gusseyed up and mentally prepared, cause we are all going to get a royal screwin’ on the set of the Obama-Clooney production.

I’m telling you, there is nothing but filth in Hollywood.  After Robert Redford made that porno film starring that little bitty girl, Dakota Fanning – the one where she gets raped…and her parents watch from the sidelines of the set, just to be sure the scene doesn’t get out of hand (would you let your little girl act in such a skit?)…Hollywood apparently never has had a soul.

Fatty Arbuckel went on trial back in the 40’s for raping and killing some poor woman with a champagne bottle.  Looks to me like Hollywood has always wanted to do the same thing to the entire nation.

These are not people with high moral standards.

They have no business leading people who do.

It is time for a change Obama, and that change is to get back to our moral roots, to take the moral high ground, and not some filthy morals promoted by Hollywood Propagandists.

Senator McCain, my thoughts and prayers are with you tonight, Sir.  I am solidly in your camp (just in case there was any doubt; perhaps we can tonight forgive one another for transgressions past).

If this Nation is to find its way back to the moral high ground, I believe you to be our bright, shining chance.

Good luck, and God speed John McCain!

As to you, Sweden, I will simply quote a line from a Clint Eastwood movie after he just shot a man (from a Western, you know, from over here, in the West, you bunch of Nazi-pacifist, hippie Eurotrash)…

“But you killed an unarmed man…”

Clint: “He should have armed himself”.

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