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Condolence, Grief, Sorrow

A Troubled Mind

I can not allow what has happened in my neck of the woods to pass without commentary here at Precipii. The shooting over the weekend and the carnage that resulted has left East Tennessee in a state of shock.

There is a numbness that darkens every heart when something like this strikes, and everyone is left in a state of shock and bewilderment.

There will be those who as a matter of course after the smoke clears and while people are still reeling from the impact of the occurrence who will use the audacity and utter depravity of the event to rail for and against some form of political action.

There will be gun control advocates cropping from the woodwork; other liberal factions will use it as an indicator that somehow conservative principles are steeped in a simmering stew of repressed violence that slowly cooks to the surface in the McVeigh’s and now Adkisson’s of the world.

There may be religious fringe elements on the right who will say that this represents a form of punishment from above for the sins of the left.

From the precipice I can only say that this is a horrible event, and looking down in the chasm it does appear a boiling cauldron, a tempest at the lowest altitudes; a pit of fiery magma that in its tempestuous state can do little good for anyone.

There is a dark and morose sense that comes when a stark reality like this event bears such bitter fruit.

While I personally do not support a culmination of liberal issues, ideas and activism, unless they bring a war to me by trying to force their ideas and concepts down my gullet at gunpoint, I can not advocate doing the same to them.

One may shoot holes in their concepts and ideas through political discourse; I practice it consistently and constantly right here on this blog. To shoot people who are not engaged in pitched and real battle against you and your family is anathema, and an ultimate perversion.

My heart goes out to the loved ones of the dead and injured.  I pray the good Lord’s guiding hand will influence their lives, and minister to their grief.  I also pray that He will lend His divine influence to others who may contemplate such a vicious act, and sway them to find other avenues, such as a blog, to vent their frustrations.

To bend to self-righteous indignation and wrath accomplishes very little for anyone, but this event can leave little doubt that there are definite and serious ills that rend a profound affect in us all, and whose effect is felt in the core of our collective souls.

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