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Welcome back, HO

Well, got a new acronym for the presumptive piece of PR pocket “fluff” – HO, for Hussein Obama.  And why the heck not?

He’s been running around Europe like an Amsterdam prostitute, showing off too much leg to too many customers.

I don’t know about you, but I think the whole affair is looking just a little too much “two bit”, as in “two bit HO”.

Lookit, alls I’m sayin’ is, give Capitalist Democracy a chance, eh Obama.  Old bean.  Old fella.

I see it like this…

America is still, for all intents and purposes, a CAPITALIST democracy (and of course, we can not forget, it is ALSO (and perhaps equally) a REPUBLIC).

Using democratic principles, we elect officials to make decisions on our behalf.  We elect them with the assurance that they will represent our best interests.

Well elect them through democratic means (everyone having an equal vote).  We expect from them that they look after our affairs, and we also expect them not to sit on a high throne and moralize from above (excuse me, but wasn’t that what old King George was doing when George Washington and his merry men “broke” from the crown?).

So I’m saying, “hey Barrack.  We’re over here, pal.  You know, America, that nation in which that bright, shining “second” city exists…I believe you call it Chicago, Chicago, my kind of town?  It’s in America, not Barcelona, the US of A, not Berlin.  How ’bout a little respect over here in the homeland, Mr. Jet-setter…Mr. Intercontinental Playboy and man about Nations”.

And what’s more, how ’bout you, Nancy Pelosi.  Seventy-five percent of the country is screaming for you to begin drilling for the oil we are sitting on, and what do you do?  You moralize from on high with your “no drill, no spill” mantra.

Who do you think you are?  King George?

This represents hypocrisy at its very worst.  You were elected to represent us, Mr. Senator, and Madame Speaker.  You were not elected to be rock stars.  You were not elected to be soothe-sayers, chanting the latest philosophical mantra from your mountain-top perch.

Hey y’all, we are down here in the fly-over country.  We exist.  We matter.  And guess what else?

We are each sovereign, just like the French, the Soviets, the Germans and the Spaniards.  We count.  Our votes count.  Our businesses count, our money counts (and you count our taxes).

Why don’t you try for a change (and this goes for all our elected leaders) – why don’t you try and count us in for a change, instead of counting us out.

We matter.  We are the Democracy.  We are the Republic.  We are the people, and guess what…WE ordained (read up on it.  It’s called the Constitution…”in order to establish, a more perfect union”.

It is about us Madams and Messeur Congresspeople.  We elected you.

Now, do your damn jobs.

Not for the environment.  Not for the Russians.  Not for the Iranians.  Not for the Syrians, and not for the Europeans.  For us.

For America.

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