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Talk about Odoriferous

I caught this Congressman, Joe Sestak (D, PA.) (1,2,3), on the Tele this morning and he says (cheering Obama) that we “need a President we can reach out and touch” (to paraphrase; specifically, it was something to the effect that he needs to be approachable, warm and fuzzy, like a peach cobbler, maybe?)…

Yeah, that’s what I want, a President who I can hug and is as harmless as peach fuzz.

You know what I really, really want?  I want a Commander-in-Chief who will reach out and touch our enemies, that’s what.

I want George S. Patton, not Mr. Bill, Kaptain Kangaroo or Mr. Rogers.

I want a tough Son of a Bitch.

What I don’t want is some guy who panders to the cameras.

I don’t want a guy who will spend my hard-earned tax dollars on over-seas junkets that are nothing more than PR campaigns to get his narrow ass elected President.

I want a guy who will hold people’s feet to the fire, not a guy who will light fires for the cameras, puffing out his chest and acting like a tall and skinny version of Napoleon.

As long as we are on this subject, have you considered just who it is that Obama is pandering to?

He’s turned from peace-loving beatnik and counter-culture hippie protester to this guy who’s gonna use geo-strategy to play chess with our troops and somehow “win” in Afghanistan (whatever that constitutes – Poppy Fields Forever, maybe?) and then apparently march on Pakistan to find Bin Laden.  Give me a break.

What’s the deal here, does he really think Conservatives are that stupid?  I mean, come on.  Our enemy does not boil down simply to Bin Laden.  Our enemy is much, much bigger than one man (as is testimony by the surge, which by the way, belongs to we conservatives, and it is WORKING).

Further, if we marched on Pakistan, what would this do in their ongoing turmoil with India?  It should not be our business to start wars between countries, or further, to throw accelerant on the fires of discontent.

Was it not the Demonrats who constantly criticize Conservatives as being involved in clandestine activities with the CIA (all stemming from the so-called “Air America” campaign, yet again, during Viet Nam – Lord, would you hippies please wake up from your drug-induced comas and realize that Viet Nam was almost fifty years ago (CIA was on the ground in ’59).

Gentle readers, we are not in the business of group hugs.  I do not want a commander I can hug (or worse, one that wants to hug me).  You are only going to get a fight out of me if you try your rascal hugging crap on me.

I want a guy who will punch me in the arm, not hug me.

I figure, a guy who punches me in the arm, will probably black a bullie’s eye real good.

This Sestak guy is apparently a real piece of work.  One article states that he has made it clear publicly that he does not care about our brave Iraqi veterans.  It also paints him as a member of the so-called “Wahhabi-lobby” (ouch!).

Another goes further and links ties between Sestak and a group (CAIR) with apparent ties to radical Islam (perhaps confirming the “Wahhabi-lobby” statement from the above piece?).

I searched around a lot on this Sestak guy (1, 2); looked at a number of different sources, with varying degrees of visibilty, and peer review (some high degree, some not-so-high)…the one thing I note is that he is too close to controversy to suit my red, white and blue pedigree.

I’m beginning to ask myself some serious questions about all these Obama supporters who are bubbling up to the surface.  They all appear to have this radical “taint” associated with them.

It is one thing to take a tongue-in-cheek style when discussing these reactionary hippies; it becomes deadly serious when the humor begins to look all-too-real.

I was first dubious about Obama early on; now, I’m downright afraid.

I believe that he and his ilk are in fact a danger to America, and worse, Western culture and ideology.

For B.O. (which is how I’m thinking of referring to Obama since his politics so patently stink on ice), but for B.O. to run in this election as a Hawk is like a viscious lioness running as the white dove of peace.  Sure, she looks gentle on the surface, but would you really want to floss her teeth?

What is most offensive (much smellier indeed) is that he is pandering to the Right.  What is the thinking of this strategy?  Is he that confident in his own base?  Does he really believe they will forgive him for trying to get some of us to cross over?

When it is all said and done, B.O. is gonna cross right back over to his hippie, radical friends and their hippie, radical ways.

So who is he fooling?

The French maybe?

I don’t think so.  They are having their hands full with peaceful Islmacists moving in and taking over their country by poisoning their Democracy.

They are awake now.  They understand the costs.  The question is, will we listen to them, now that they are in such a pickel?

I doubt it.

We are more apt to buddy up to B.O. and his lousy, stinkin’ shenanigans.


Here’s an idea for you Sleestack – go hug yourself !


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