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Recently I wrote a piece in which I made a comparison between Barrack Obama and President Carter.

I have been taken to task for what was “perceived” as racial overtones.

In it, I made the rather (or at least, what I thought was) obvious comparison between the President’s smile, and Obama’s and that as a modern-day Nostradamus, I would predict that he (Obama) would revise the Presidential seal to use a caricature of what I think is a common trait (the toothy grins).

I also used a nickname from an old Walt Disney movie that one of my readers was so kind to point out is a racial stereotype (although, I still have trouble doing the calculus on this one – I just don’t get HOW it is a stereotype; but, alas, I guess it is because white men can not jump or something)…

At any rate, the offending article has been removed from “The Precipice”.

Unlike some unethical pugilists, we here at “The Precipice” do not believe in “low blows”.  We have standards of high journalistic integrity, and we do not want to see them compromised.

So, for future reference we will abstain and refrain from any shots that may be construed in even the loosest fashion as “cheap” toward Senator Obama (and, what shot is not).

We will not, for instance, make any references to his gigantic teeth (reminiscent of a T-Rex).

We will not point out that his fingers are “spindly”, or, that he uses nicotene-laced stimulants (or, for that matter, sticky notes).

We will not point out his history with the subject of abortion (you know, black people are subject to getting these – why just yesterday I saw a black person down at the abortion clinic in line behind a slew of pre-pubescent Caucasian young people of the female persuasion).

We will not point out that he has close cropped hair.

We will not point out that he has “affiliations”.

We will not publish articles like “Team Obama Strikes (out) again…”, ever again (he says, crossing his fingers like Susan Sarandon and Alec Baldwin).

You know, I’m reminded of the famous quote from John Wayne…that’s right, the Duke himself in his movie McClintock  — “I’m going to use good judgement. I haven’t lost my temper in forty years. But, pilgrim, someone ought to belt you in the mouth. But I won’t. I won’t. The hell I won’t!”

So, in keeping with our new spirit of cooperation and evil, and changing the stereoyping “bad me” hanging on the edge toenail style, we say to you, Senator Obama “WE’RE SORRY and WE’LL NEVER, EVER DO IT AGAIN”.


FLASH…”in an assimilated puke news story today, Barrack Obama has been associated with a roving band of transvestite Gangstas in Gangland Chicago.  The Obama “campy” camp was not availale for comment.

Let’s see what the fems have to say about this one!



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