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On Cheap Shots

So I’m watching one of the news programs, and here’s the sequence of reports:

“Men at Work” signs are to be changed to something gender-neutral, or female-centric; girl wants to play football in midget league; Jesse Jackson takes cheap shot at Barrack Obama; guys take cheap shots at girls who want to play football.

I played football.

In what they call “middle school” today (it was “Junior High” then), a girl went out on our team.  Quarter back.

Like a lot of guys, I played defense, and I LOVED “keying” on the quarterbacks.  I’d spear them right in the center of their chests and dog-pile them on the ground.  I loved sacking those SOB’s.

I did the same to her.

In this “gender-neutral” society, that would be called a cheap shot.

I considered it the nature of the hunt, and I was not going to treat her different because she had breasts. She took a punishment, and got hurt, and decided to give it up.  It wasn’t that she wasn’t tough, she was.  The pads cut into her; she just wasn’t made up like the guys, that’s all.

I don’t hate her; I didn’t hate her then.  Even admired her, to some extent, for having tried.  Plenty of guys had tried too.  It’s a brutal sport.

Like politics.

It amazes me how the pundits can sit on the sidelines and take what I consider as cheap shots at Jesse Jackson for “turning on one of their own”.

It’s kind of like the men at work signs, or the girl on the football field; God forbid that we should treat her like any other quarterback.

Hit her, and its a cheap shot.

Looks like the same can be said of Barrack Obama.

He believes we are all equal, but we have to change the playing field to accommodate everyone.

Here’s the deal.

I’m not real good at basketball.  Don’t have any height, and can’t really jump all that high.  I have a body that was more suited for hunting quarterbacks.

I would really stink at wheel-chair basketball.  Perhaps in time, with practice, but would I ever be as good as someone who lives in a wheel-chair?

I suppose a girl could have her breasts removed and then the pads would not hurt her and then she might be able to play to the same level as any male quarterback.

I could live in a wheel chair (but I’ll never be able to jump and thus play with the NBA).

If you run with the big dogs, you not only have to get off the porch, but you must also get conditioned to run with that pack.  You have to become one of the pack.

I’m sick and tired of seeing everyone treat Obama with kid gloves.

You are in the political arena now.  It’s time to remove the gloves, altogether.

Geraldo Rivera has been going on and on about how this whole Jesse Jackson thing speaks to some dark inner jealousy on the part of Jackson.  It seems no one is able to speak their mind about Barrack.

Well, I’m not afraid.

Get over yourself.  You are not that spectacular.

The fact is, I would much rather see Condi Rice in your shoes, although I’d never (ever) want to lose her to the dark side (no pun intended, Demonrats).

I am not interested in Rice because she is black.  I’m also not interested in her (at least not in the political sense) because she is a “she”.

I’m interested in her because her qualities as a leader remind me of Margaret Thatcher.

I only compare her to Thatcher as she is another female conservative.  Where conservatives are concerned, I place Thatcher up there with Churchill.

So, there ya go.

This is not a sport where there have to be special considerations, rule changes or levelling of playing fields. No one has to have breast surgery to play.  There is an equality in the political arena…the arena of ideas.

Here, you can take any shot you want and it is just accepted.

So, get over your bad self, Barrack (and all you Barrack supporters, GERALDO, et al).

Listen, you need to toughen up if you are going to fight in this ring.  If you came here to dance around, play “rope a-dope” and the like, you are going to get your ass knocked out.

So, stop yappin and let’s see some action.  You make all sorts of claims about what you are made of, so let’s see it, Superman.

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