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It’s the Economy, you propagandist bag of dope


Yeah, yeah Barrack, Reid, Pelosi, Boxer (even you, Senator Mc Cain) – it’s those “bad, old poo-poo’s in CEO chairs…captains of industry.  It’s Geo. Bush, or Rove or Reagan, Nixon, Agnew, Ollie North, Cheney, Condi Rice, or Rummy”.


(or, should I say “Right ON, brother hippie”)

Take your maggot-assed, malcontent line of horseshit and go piss up somebody else’s parade-rope.

You malcontents are unhappy with the war and unwilling to accept the truth that it’s going well.

You’re unhappy with capitalism, and you brand it evil, and thus it is so (in your small minds).

You preach “do not label, for it is wrong” – and yet all you do is BRAND others (burning it into our asses).

We mean, ol’, nasty, Nazi Republicans (which I am still so fond to point out that Nazi means, literally, National Socialist, a term more in league with your screwed up principles; reference Harry S. Truman and the Nationalization of industries – you people are pigs).

You won’t let us drill for our OWN oil, and you say “it’s for the good of all” (when in fact, it is only good for your small-minded arguments).

You are FRAUDS, liars and cheats !!!

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