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The Cult of Obama

Playing possum…

…or Superhero?

Playing possum means playing dead. Playing superhero is at essence playing at what some perceive as the apex of life. The top of the food chain. A comic superhero with a disastrous, real-world consequence.

Playing a Presidential candidate is damned-well dangerous.

Horrifying, really.

Listen, I think that this cult that follows Obama around and faints at his every appearance is essentially a bunch of adolescents who have not developed passed the comic-book phase of intellectual growth.

It represents those who have not given up on literally believing in Santa Claus or that Al Gore invented the internet, or that science fiction holds the key to the future of politics and the world. Their words, ideas and philosophy are assuredly contributing to the global boring that obfuscates the real matters at hand.

Playing opossum (“possum” to we Southerners) is, as most of us know, playing dead so that the “big, mean old bear” will take one whiff, give you up for a stinking dead Russian sturgeon, and then move on, baby, move on.


What is he testing with all this superhero-opossum hooeey?

He’s trying my patience worse that did Al Bore.

It is tough to figure this guy out, but I think the concept that he and his followers can pretty much be reduced to mindless Walter Mittey’s from a trekie convention gets pretty close to the heart.

You know, even as a toddler, I got pretty darned excited when Goldwater came to town (1, 2, 3 Selling “the TVA”, damned if they weren’t talking privatization even back then, and socialists wanted it institutionalized).

It was festive when Goldwater came to town. All the blue and red aluminized pom-pom streamers waving in the air, the smell of airplane fuel…face it, it was exciting.

I did not see anybody faint. I did not even see anybody swoon.

I think it is because we Republicans are not into hero worship, really. Just cheering our (non-super) hero on, that’s all.

Now, we are into respect. I’ll admit to feeling my pulse quicken (it quickens now, just thinking about the memory); but it wasn’t hype, it was more a feeling that someone was truly on my side.

He spoke the truth in plain terms that we could all understand.

“A government big enough to give you everything you want is big enough to take everything you have.”
Barry Goldwater

The Demonratic History of Dirty Tricks

Of course, he was “blown out of the water” in that election by the following ad put together by Bill Moyers (1, 2, 3); you’ll remember him from that bastion of “truth” CBS (the Columbia Broadcasting “Service”).

It also did not help matters when his colleague at CBS, Walter Cronkite (most trusted man in America, my ass), falsely reported that Goldwater could not make the JFK funeral because he was “campaigning” in Indiana, (when in fact he was at his Mother-in-law’s funeral).

        "Within hours, Goldwater’s friend and likely opponent was
dead, and the Senator’s attitude toward a presidential run had
changed from reluctant acceptance to steadfast refusal. What
finalized Goldwater’s initial decision not to run was a harsh,
blatantly false media attack upon him. When Kennedy was shot,
Goldwater was attending his mother-in-law’s funeral in Muncie,
Indiana. CBS Evening News’ Walter Cronkite told viewers that
Goldwater would miss the President’s funeral because he was in
Indiana making a political speech".

But back to Barrack.

He is shaping up to use the same kinds of political dirty tricks that were used by JFK, LBJ, Cronkite and Moyers.

The move-on.org ad (consigliere for Obama; his front-men, think of the mouth-piece of the Mafia) is a prime example of yet another attempt at filthy, rotten, low-down and dirty tricks played by these partners in crime, the liberal media, the splinter factions like move-on, and radical candidates from hell like Obama.

See the stances taken by William Kristol and President Bush on the above ad and others like them (NY Times, Weekly Standard, PhillipWeiss)

I’m beginning to see candidate Obama as a very dangerous man; delusional even.

First, he thinks he is Ubermann; next, he’s stealing the United States Presidential Seal and modifying it to suit him, playing opossum and President before he’s even elected – what’s next, Master of the known Universe, and beyond!

With all the things he’s done and he’s gonna do, he is eerily reminiscent of another spin-meister from the Demonratic Party (1, 2, 3).

But let’s put all this spin, hot air and global warming aside and ask ourselves one hell of a sincere and serious question: what is it that Barrack is really, all about?

He says out of one side of his mouth that he is opposed to NAFTA, and from the other he is for free trade. He says he will talk to our enemies, to negotiate and discuss peace options, yet he tells a group representing Israel he will do all to support and protect them.

I don’t know about you, but I’m getting lost in the web of Demonratic fuzzy logic. We needed a score card to keep up with Bubba’s lies, today it looks as if we will require a Cray supercomputer.

Know this: if it looks like ripped-off B.S., it probably is.

I think Obama is as phony as the Presidential placard behind which he is playing opossum, President, and worst of all, us, (for a bunch of fools).

The snake oil they are selling today is just as dishonest, decrepit and low-down as the snake oil LBJ and the rest of the carpet-baggers were pushing against Goldwater…the question really becomes whether America has advanced beyond the adolescent comic books, funny papers and SNL skits and grown into an intellectual maturity whereby it can recognize that the media lies, that the third largest army in the world WAS a weapon of mass destruction and that, yes Alice, we ARE winning the war in Iraq.

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