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The Violent Pacifist





Yesterday I began this article, and I was angry.

While not a pacifist, I do love peace.

I do not believe in peace “at any cost”, however.

What I mean by this is, peace is not worth it if I have to sell my soul.

It is not worth it if I have to compromise to the devil himself.

While peace is important, it is not the do all (but very well could lead to the “end all”).

There are those who mask themselves with the olive leaf.

They hide behind the branches of peace, yet they stir up discontent. They use the leaves not to quench trouble, but to fan its embers.

This is the way the devil operates. He is silver-tongued.

We live (and have lived) with hurricanes, with floods, and with drought – for centuries. For millennium, really.

Yet now, in this modern age (read, since the flower children of the 60’s) — now we are in a time where the weather patterns are no longer “normal”. They are somehow, now, extreme (what a little, good PR can do, eh?).

Look at the history of hurricanes, of earthquakes, of tsunami – do you really think there are that many more right now than say, one hundred years ago?

We are still looking at the trees. Compare the last chunk of history, say the last 1,000 years to the previous million – is this age we live in any closer to the brink of disaster than any other?

I say, emphatically, NO.

God is still at the helm, and nothing has really changed all that drastically.

But ask yourself, who is it that causes all these gut-wrenching worries to well up like an ulcer in the gut?

It is the liberal spin-meister.

They talk a good game about peace, but what they are really after is power.

They want to hold the forces of nature in their hands, as if they are gods.

They are drunk with it.

("running gun battle" ... please.)
an insightful article from a respected rag (Giuliani did do something with NY, NY).


They want to manipulate, and they want to stir up a maelstrom…a nuclear firestorm.

The one thing that can calm this sea of fire is reason.

When you weigh what could be causing an increase (most likely temporary) in hurricanes and earthquakes, it really becomes more about a complex system that has many inputs, or factors, acting upon it.

The liberal likes to think that “the system” is what is in control, but in fact, I believe, God created the system to be “out of control”. He created it that way so that we, his creatures, can learn to navigate those rough seas. He created it so that we’d have something to keep our minds and our hearts occupied.

Frankly, He created it so that through our Faith (and application of the resources and faculties He bestowed upon us as creatures in His realm), we can not only navigate rough seas – we can calm them.

Industrial Pittsburgh at noon (smog).

Pittsburgh today, in the clear light of day.

The top photo represents the fog of liberal debauchery, and below – what a little clarity, reason (and good sense) can do for the world.

Making headway in our emissions can not hurt where the environmental issue is concerned (I reference “Hell with the Lid Off”, above) , but to use popular politics of the moment (the oil crisis) as an opportune excuse to push your agenda on “saving the environment”…that’s really dishonest.

What they are really wanting to do is save their power base.

And let’s say that we do cut emissions to zero…what if it has zero sum effect on the environment? What then? Do they scratch their heads and say “well, the solar flare crowd must have been right?”. Or “it must be the tilt of the earth or something”.

Maybe they will blame it on the devil. Poor devil.

I think that the left is wholly reactionary. I think the way they seize the moment and spin it to fit their agendas is deplorable.

We drop a bomb in the mid-east on what we call a chemical weapons plant, and Hussein called it a baby formula factory.

The liberals are practicing the same spin.

So next time you hear someone say that they are a pacifist, you think about the above picture.

What they really want is to harness the universe; in effect, to place God in a yoke.

There are some things in this universe that will never be domesticated. That will never yield to their brand of suffocating controls. They are an evil task-master, a harsh straw-boss.

My version of what constitutes God: He is what can not be defined, what can not be yoked, what can not be herded, or folded, or spindled, or mutilated.

God is essentially, totally, unerringly – FREE. And He is no task-master.

It is this state of complete freedom for which I believe we all strive. We must always do our dead-level best to try and achieve it (knowing full-well that there will always be those obstacles – yet still, we must strive).

For me, that means seeking the truth. It means unraveling the tangled web spun by the liberals.

Blessed truly are the peace-makers, but may God help those who will use relative peace (and it always is “relative”, given the axiom that there will “always be wars”) to stir up trouble.

As a human, I do not have it in me to forgive those who would manipulate the truth to suit their corrupt agenda.

God help me, but I don’t (even though I do know that I am supposed to).

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