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Thank you, VP Gore

Well, Jimmy Carter kept us in captivity for what seemed like his entire term of office, Philo Farnsworth gave us the boob tube, and now it looks as if we have “Cousin” Al Gore to thank for the “idiot-net” (since he invented it, and he’s all about the global village, can we now make the leap in logic that he is the global-village idiot?).

Anyhow, I knew it had to come to this what with everyone, everyone, everyone quoting “the internet” as gospel (same people who believe everything they read in the newspapers or see on 60 minutes).

Read it and weep.


Oh yeah, and one more thing – thank God Almighty for the Scots!  Where would we be without someone with some smarts.

Gore, you need to go polish your peace prize and leave the thinking to those “in the know”.

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