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All Hail the American Warrior

Deaths related to Improvised Explosive Devices (IED’s), since our surge that Democrats were so vehemently against, since the surge they are down by Eighty-Nine percent.


Now, there is a figure.

To me, this means that Eighty-nine percent of our boys are not maimed, burned or worse.

Eighty-nine percent.

It is happening because our President has the good sense to get out of our military’s way and let them conduct the war.

This is NOTHING like Viet Nam.

During that era, political leaders tried (and failed) to conduct that war.  Our militia’s hands were tied by petite Napoleons who wanted a demarcation in history, rather than a line marking the boundaries of war.

I will agree with those who say there is no victory in warfare.  It is a sin to see so many lose their lives, limbs and spirits…but I tell you that when the enemy is hell-bent on destroying us and our way of living, there are few, viable options to war.

What these boys and girls have sacrificed is beyond belief.  What they have given, no one can ever return.

To those who would invalidate all that they have accomplished by going overseas and consorting with our enemies – what you have done is a travesty, and I believe, high treason.  To go and do business with those who would send their suicide bombers to our soil – how do you live with yourselves?

My hat is off to the real patriots…not those who “spin” an image of patriotism through a belief that somehow their brand of pacifism is somehow as noble as the soldier.

There is no nobility in laying down the country others have built as homage to your concepts of heroic pacifism.

To the soldiers I say, long live your victories. Long live real victories, against real enemies.

Long live the American soldier !

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